Miss Supranational PH 2021 Dindi Pajares reveals her national costume – Manila bulletin

Miss Supranational PH 2021 Dindi Pajares unveils her national costume

Looks like a work of art

After dominating the Miss Elegance and preliminary competition of the Miss Supranational 2021 contest, the Filipino beauty queen Dindi Pajares now impresses Internet users with the revelation of her national costume.

Dindi Pajares in his national costume (Photo by Gian Eduard)

Made by Zamboanga-based designer Erich Miñoza, the costume reflects the style of the province mascot heritage, an outfit worn in the 1900s.Poderosa“, Which means” powerful lady “, the costume is inspired by the tradition trai it’s all about empowering women. The set is made up of six elements: body (silk or cotton), candongga (or the panuelo), rengue (upper garment), sober falda (carpet), Cola (the skirt), and enagas (inner lining of the skirt). Dindi notes that the look is not a mascot if any of the elements are missing.

“It aims to channel the cry for the empowerment of women, a work of art that would definitely make everyone stop,” Dindi said. “The designer believes that fashion has often been branded as frivolous and antithetical to feminism. This exhibition shows the opposite.

The intricately designed outfit includes a myriad of design elements, from crystal beads and fabric manipulation to small antique, laser-cut bells, and more. It is complemented by a halo-shaped headdress from Cebuano designer Louie Gallego. Overall, this costume “challenges stereotypes of what feminism can be.”



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