Meet the 2021 Seahawks Dancer

After nearly a month of virtual and face-to-face auditions, 25 people have been selected to participate in the Seahawks dancers for the 2021 season.

Gaming experiences, including dancers, mascots, and other entertainment play a big part in this NFL season when fans return to the stadium.

The 2021 Seahawks dancer audition wrapped up last weekend and 25 people were finally selected to join the team. The audition process returned to normal in 2021 simply by hosting a virtual session last year. The Seahawks dancers held a virtual preliminary audition, followed by a virtual round of semi-final auditions.

In the final round, the dancers interviewed the Seahawks Dancer Management Team at Lumenfield. The final round was held at Lumenfield in front of a group of 10 judges. In the final audition, the dancers were able to perform not only group competitions, but also choreographed solos.

“The 2021 Seahawks dancers are possibly the most talented group we have ever chosen,” said Courtney Moore, Seahawks director of dance. “These dancers are exciting and fun to watch and they all have a wide range of dance backgrounds. I am very happy to present the 12th generation to you this season!

At the end of the final hearing, 25 members were announced compared to just 16 members last year due to social distancing guidelines. This year’s group consists of 20 dancers and 5 dancers. With 12 beginner and 13 veteran dancers, Haley and Kiana will enter the season as Seahawks dancers for the sixth consecutive year (among most dancers).

Finally, here is the Seahawks Dancer 2021:

Alexa (Grade 4) Angel (Grade 3) Aria (Rookie) Ashley (Grade 5) Ashri (Rookie) Ashlyn (Rookie) Brianna (Rookie) Cameron (Grade 2) Caroline (Grade 2) Della (Grade 2) Eyes) Gina ( Rookie) Haley (6th grade) Jackie (Rookie) John (2nd grade) Johnny (Rookie) Katrina (Rookie) Kiana (6th grade) Lillian (Rookie) Megan D. (Rookie) Megan F. (Rookie) 2nd grade) Miranda ( Rookie) Mori (Rookie) Pon (3rd year) Victoria (3rd year) Vince (2nd year)

Learn more about the Seahawks Dancers.

Meet the 2021 Seahawks Dancer

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