Marvel’s youngest heroes give Logan a new purple costume

Wolverine just received a costume update and a new name from young Marvel heroes who may be making their way to the MCU.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Power Pack # 5 of VC’s Ryan North, Nico Leon, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

Power Packs are not in the right place right now. Between the government watching their every move with close scrutiny and their abilities stolen by their potential mentor, the Powers Children are utterly helpless. However, the sibling squad are also quick to get back on their feet, and a lack of powers won’t stop them from being the heroes they’ve always been meant to be.

Although they have been drained of their powers, there are still plenty of ways for the Power Pack to defend itself. To do this, the team turns to their new mentor, Wolverine, who is more than happy to do whatever he can to get the kids back in shape. This forces Logan into a role he’s not particularly used to, as he’ll have to be the villain of a very special show that Power Pack recently scripted. To really sell him, Logan even needed a costume change, and the Power Pack took care of everything already. With rotating cameras and high voltages, Wolverine introduces the world to his super-secret, brightly colored evil twin brother: Wolvermean.

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Logan and the Power Pack put on the best possible show, knowing full well that wherever he was the magician was sure to watch him. With a few flourishes and at least a half-dozen fog machines, the Power Pack looks like it’s back to normal as they play out their scripted battle with this dastardly new villain.

Almost as soon as the action really resumed, the battle was over and the Powers siblings are brought back to the wizard’s lab by the enraged supervillain. Furious that they kept him even an iota of their powers, the wizard turns on the machine he used to steal their abilities in the first place, and he is left to watch his ill-gotten gains come back to theirs. rightful owners. It seems like playing wasn’t the only help Wolverine offered the Power Pack, as the night before he guided them to enter the wizard’s lair and reverse the release of his gear.

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Wolverine has always had a soft spot for children, and over the course of his long and sordid career he has more than once become a mentor to someone in need. It could be because of the trauma associated with his personal history with the children, or it could be because of Logan’s own traumatic upbringing, if not both.

Whatever the reason, nothing has ever stopped Logan from being there for the next generation looking for someone to guide them, and the fact that he’s happy to be filmed in a paper-taped suit. purple construction is just the icing on the cake.

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