Marvel accused of stealing Iron Man costume design

Did Marvel Steal Iron Man Costume Designs From Horizon Comics?

Canadian comic book company is suing Marvel Entertainment and Disney for allegedly using their creations in multiple MCU movies, including Iron Man, without any consent or compensation.

Iron Man, Ant-Man and Avengers

According to CTV News, the founders of Horizon Comics, brothers Ben and Raymond Lai, accused Marvel Entertainment of stealing several costume design concepts from their comics and using them in the Iron Man, The ant Man, and Avengers film franchises.

Horizon Comics previously filed a similar lawsuit against Marvel in 2013 when the Lai brothers noticed parallels between Robert Downey Jr. Ironman 3 costume and design of one of their own costumes worn by a character named Caliban in the comic book series Radix 1.

The case was allowed to continue on the basis of similarities in the Iron man 3 Caliban movie poster design and costume design. However, the presiding judge, Judge Paul Oetken, came to a non-infringement finding because the brothers could not establish that Marvel had access to their Caliban drawing.

Iron Man Marvel Radix Comic

The retrial alleges that Marvel has “consistently appropriated the works of Horizon” in numerous MCU films featuring their character as Iron Man, including the 2018 blockbuster. Avengers: Infinity War. The lawsuit further asserts that Marvel’s Ant-man and Wasp the characters also violate the military character designs of Horizon’s Radix 2.

Horizon Comics Ant-Man Marvel Jumpsuit
Marvel accused of stealing Ant-Man costume design

There are 19 costumes worn by Iron Man in the MCU movies, but the exact number of these armored suits that would have been appropriate for the works of Horizon is currently unknown.

So why is Horizon Comics suing?

The brothers are now suing for damages and an injunction in an attempt to “put an end to this willful and persistent infringement and order the defendants to pay compensatory and punitive damages to the plaintiff, in addition to Horizon’s costs. , including attorney-client fees. As detailed in the costume.

Marvel Entertainment and Disney have not commented on the retrial. All of the claims made against Marvel have yet to be proven in court.

What do you think of the above lawsuit against Marvel and Disney? Do you see the resemblance in the design of Marvel’s Iron Man costumes?

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