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The Mantia Sisters Dance Academy will celebrate its 30e anniversary in the town of Revere in September.

Deanne Mantia, 51, and her sister, Jodi Mantia, 54, briefly operated the studio in a Broadway apartment building before moving to its current location at 750 Washington Ave.

“My sister realized we needed a bigger space because we were a lot busier than expected,” Deanne said.

And the instant popularity of the Dance Academy in 1991 continued throughout the three decades in which the thousands of students of the Mantia sisters learned not only to dance, but also to dance and dance performances. (like the annual recital) are self-made. self-esteem, self-confidence and teamwork.

Several Mantia Academy graduates have also used the skills learned in dance to aid their athletic careers in the areas of coordination, balance, endurance and fitness.

Starting a workshop

Jodi Mantia and Deanne Mantia are the daughters of Jimmy and Teddi (Theodora) Mantia. Jodi graduated from Revere High in 1985. Deanne Mantia graduated from Revere High in 1987 and attended UMass / Boston. The sisters both spent their K-8 years at Abraham Lincoln School.

“Our parents actually gave us the money to open the studio,” Deanne recalls. “And they still live in the house [on Rumney Road] that my grandfather [Joe Palermo] built them.

The Mantia sisters were introduced to dance at the Betty Murray School of Dance on Conant Street.

“We both started dance lessons when we were two years old and gave recitals every year,” Deanne said.

The tradition of recitals

The Mantia Sisters Dance Academy held its recital last Saturday at Revere High School, concluding an unprecedented year amid the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was our first recital at Revere High in many years,” says Deanne. “We had held the recitals in Melrose, but the [Revere High] the auditorium and the sound system have been improved and it is beautiful. It is brand new. The recital at Revere High was amazing.

The Academy will begin its 2021-22 season in September. Registration is ongoing and the number of new and old students is very good. Classes are available in disciplines such as hip hop, modern, jazz, lyrical, ballet, tap dance, zumba and gymnastics.

“We are sure it will be a good year,” said Deanne.

Looking back on 30 years of dance

Thinking back to the 30 years of Mantia Sisters Dance Academy and speaking on behalf of her sister, Deanne said: “It has been more than gratifying. We love to teach children to dance. For me, it’s my art form, it’s my medium. Some people like to paint, some people like to draw, some people like to play musical instruments. I like to dance.”

Sharing the stage with her sister over the years, Deanne added, “It’s awesome. Were very close. We don’t always agree, but we always come to a mutual agreement.

The sisters wholeheartedly agree that Revere has always been in their hearts and will continue to be for many years to come.

“Our roots are in Revere and the community we love is in Revere and we love to be with the families in Revere,” Deanne said. “And we love to see how diverse Revere has become.

“We are not ready to stop. I thought maybe we could think about it, talk about it and say, “We had a great race”. Thousands of children have walked through our door. We now have the grandchildren of some of our first students taking dance lessons with us. It’s so nice to see that a generation later, they are coming back to us, ”concluded Deanne.

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