Mandi Line on The Bold Type Final Season Costumes

A lot of things go into achieving the perfect look for a character. Besides fashion, I love makeup and accessories on The daring type. What is the process for creating a cohesive look?

I remember Joan Rivers walked into my trailer once, and she said, “Honey, what is this? I’ve never seen more jewelry, it’s more shit than me. I always have the prefabricated accessories for every outfit I put together: shoes, belts, accessories. At the end of the season, accountants will still be like “YDo you realize that half the budget was only spent on belts? “And we’re like,” Yeah, that’s what makes an outfit. ”

When I spoke to Katie this season, she said, “I barely do props.” It got to a point where she was like, “I need more.” In the next episode, Sutton wears this magenta dope blazer and tie-dye sweater dress. We looked at each other while filming. I had my Balenciaga safety pin collar, which is my everything, and I still wear it. So I take it off and put it on her. It crowns an outfit.

For the makeup and the hair, I was really thankful that they were new as well. They were really imaginative and helped showcase the wardrobe. It’s a whole process from head to toe.

Funny how you say a belt makes the outfit because I hate belts. I don’t have a single belt.

Oh, I won’t wear a belt. I am going to throw up. If I put a belt on my body, I will throw up. I don’t wear belts.

But for some reason, the reliance of a belt on the camera works. In one scene, Sutton wears a $ 9 shirt from H&M, a vintage blazer, and a yellow eagle-headed belt, and she looks like Steven Tyler. That’s all.

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