Main robotic applications in the global agricultural sector in 2022

by Analytics Insight

February 27, 2022

Robotic applications offer fruitful results for farmers in the agricultural sector

Being one of the key sectors of a country, the agricultural sector is encouraging the high-tech industry to introduce different modern applications through major disruptive technologies with the combination of robotics and artificial intelligence. Farmers are reaping the benefits of these following robot applications in the global agriculture sector to generate revenue and accelerate the productivity of different high-quality crops through multiple types of robots.

Main robotic applications in the global agricultural sector
  • Planting in the nursery: Nursery plants are sold to consumers and gardeners, but they are also the beginning of the food journey of some crops. Tech companies provide automation solutions for seeding, potting and storing live plants in greenhouses.
  • Crop sowing: Autonomous precision seeding combines robotics with geomapping. A map shows the soil properties at each point in the field. The tractor, equipped with a robotic sowing attachment, then places the seeds in precise locations and depths so that each one has the best chance of developing.
  • Crop monitoring and analysis: New sensor and geomapping technologies allow farmers to obtain a higher level of information about their crops. Land robots make it possible to collect this information autonomously.
  • Fertilization and irrigation: Robot-assisted precision irrigation can reduce water waste by targeting specific plants. Ground robots navigate between the rows of crops and pour water directly at the base of each plant. Robots also have an advantage because they can access areas inaccessible to other machines.
  • Weeding and crop spraying: The concept of micro-spraying could significantly reduce the amount of herbicide used in growing crops. Micro-spraying robots use computer vision technology to detect weeds, then spray a targeted drop of herbicide on them.

Several technology companies have identified the agricultural sector to introduce special agricultural technologies to bridge the gap between productivity and farmer income. Robotic applications are transforming the agricultural sector in recent years and will advance these processes into a technology driven future.

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