Mafi channels cash assistance to agricultural sector affected by natural disasters

BELURAN: The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) has channeled tens of millions of ringgits annually in cash and equipment aid to the agricultural sector affected by natural disasters, including floods.

His Minister, Datuk Seri, Dr Ronald Kiandee said the ministry is always vigilant and taking action to reduce the impact on crops and livestock through departments and agencies under MAFI, especially in the face of flooding in the end of each year.

“Disasters like floods always happen, but their scale varies. Last year, for example, the scale of the floods across the country was quite critical and impacted the agricultural and food sectors.

“This year we are still ready to reduce the impact (of the floods),” he told reporters after the Semarak Tani Keluarga Malaysia program here today.

Ronald said fishers, farmers and herders are important communities that the government must take care of in accordance with the National Agriculture and Food Policy to ensure national food security.

On the Semarak Tani Keluarga Malaysia, Ronald said the program is a compilation of products under MAFI to help strengthen rural agrifood communities and disseminate information on the latest government approaches and policies directly to local people.

“It is MAFI’s effort to obtain direct views and feedback from the agribusiness community on the impact of implementing the ministry’s policies and approaches. The program also aimed to ensure continued government commitment and efforts to improve their incomes and standard of living.

At the event, Ronald, who is also an MP for Beluran, also witnessed the handover of Beluran’s new pasar tamu, which was developed by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) for RM746,000 for the council. of Beluran district.

Apart from this, he also presented Fishermen’s Living Allowance (ESHN) in the amount of RM193,275.80 in cash to 650 Beluran fishermen.

Ronald said some 7,671 fishermen in Sabah had received RM22,013,900 for this year.

The two-day program which started yesterday generated RM175,000 in sales involving 184 entrepreneurs and 21,000 visitors. – Bernama

Lana T. Arthur