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Hospitals often receive donations of knitted slippers or caps for newborns, but this fall local toddlers received handmade Halloween costumes, disguised as little candies, burgers and burgers. smiling suns.

Cashton and Cole Jones, born October 15, wear Halloween costumes made and donated by students at Longfellow Middle School to Megan Zellner’s Family and Consumer Science class.


The costumes, made by students and staff at Longfellow Middle School, were donated to the Mayo Clinic Health System for infants born this month in the special care nursery. The first recipients were fraternal twins Cashton and Cole Jones, born October 15. The two were dressed as a pumpkin and a ghost.

“We know the importance of joy here at the Mayo Clinic and it has been a great opportunity to pass that joy on to our patients and families,” said Karizma Maxon, Family Birthplace Nurse at the System. clinic at the Mayo Clinic in La Crosse. “It plays an important role in creating a safe, incredible and memorable experience for our families. “

Vacation outfits were a first-grade project for over 30 students in Megan Zellner’s Grade 8 family and consumer science class “Teams by Design”. Inspired by similar projects on social media, the students spent four class periods creating 40 baby costumes, using many materials donated by members of the community.


Mayo Clinic health system staff hold Halloween costumes made by students from Longfellow Middle School, who donated the creations for the newborns.


“The kids were looking for ways to find things to do to help others,” says Zellner. “We looked at a few ideas and found this. The kids loved the idea.”

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The costume designs, which ranged from Tootsie Rolls to UPS drivers, were chosen by the students, who worked individually or in small groups.

“It was neat to see all the different personalities when making these outfits,” Zellner said. “Some even commented that the outfits related to them in one way or another. Some had worn outfits similar to the ones they had when they were little, or they chose costumes that were theirs. linked in their own experiences. “

For babies with fancy clothes and their parents, this is a sweet treat that will last much longer than a candy.

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