Legend of Zelda fan makes beautifully detailed Majora mask from clay

A beautiful and delicate interpretation of the titular mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was modeled in clay by a creative fan.

A The Legend of Zelda fan created a small but incredibly detailed Majora’s mask model from clay. Following the success of Ocarina of time, Nintendo then released The Legend of Zelda: The Mask of Majora for N64. Acting as a direct sequel to Ocarina of time, Majora’s Mask The story of the Child Link continued after the series’ timeline split.

Tired of his battles in Hyrule, Link embarks on a more personal and contemplative journey in Majora’s Mask. However, as he rode with Epona through a dense forest, he is ambushed by two fairies (Tatl and Tael) and a mysterious masked figure. The altercation with these unusual assailants leaves Link without his horse, without his ocarina, and with no idea where he is. To make matters worse, Link is also turned into a Mojo scrub by his masked attacker. From now on, Link’s life becomes more and more surreal, as he fights to save the land of Termina from being gutted by a maniacal moon crashing into it. As Link ventures into Majora’s Mask, he realizes that his masked attacker is in fact Skull Kid, and he is the cause of the catastrophisms that befall Termina. Or, more precisely, the mask that Skull Kid wears.


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This mask is the titular Majora’s mask for the game, and inside an ancient demon is sealed; the one who influences the wearer to do his ill will. But despite this mask being undeniably corrupt, it is also very beautiful. This is obviously something that Reddit user partner louisvillehart94 is also thinking about, as they have commissioned their own take on Majora’s clay mask. The finished product is small but perfectly formed, and the perfect keepsake for any Majora’s Mask fan. Louisvillehart94 revealed that the whole project took them about six hours from start to finish, and they got it ready in time for their partner’s birthday.

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Despite Majora’s Mask being such a popular entry into the The Legend of Zelda series, Nintendo was keen to put some distance between it and the upcoming sequel to Breath of the wild. After Breath of the wildThe sequel was first announced, many fans began to theorize that the company would follow the same trend as it did with its N64 Zelda entries, thanks to the menacing tone of the revelation. However, Nintendo pointed out that Breath of the Wild 2 will be “his own game. “

While the exact nature and target release date of Breath of the Wild 2 the two still remain great unknowns, The legend of Zelda fans can still get their gaming walkthrough through Nintendo Switch Online. A new expansion for Switch’s online service has seen classic titles including Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask finally head for the platform. While these might not be the remasters many fans had hoped for, they are still a fun way to pick up nostalgic memories while waiting for more news on. Breath of the Wild 2.

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Zelda Sidekicks more boring than Navi

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