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Instant nostalgia. Is there something that brings back happy childhood memories faster than a little red wagon? If we didn’t have one ourselves (I had), we had a friend who did.


Rectangular cake pan (but a shoebox, plastic container, or anything in the basic shape would work)

Spatula (or “egg turner” for people like my husband)

4 wheel jar lids (wood or heavy cardboard cutouts, anything circular and strong enough to hold your wagon)

Bottle caps or half balls (if you want the “hub” in the center of your wheel)

Painting (color for wagon and wheels)

Paint brushes

Glue (hot glue will work but you may want to add E6000 to help it hold)


Paint the mold red (or the color of your choice); you may get better coverage and a smoother finish if you use spray paint for this step.

Paint the wheels, remembering to add the black “tire” along the edge if you don’t paint everything black.

Paint the bottle caps if you are using them, and the spatula if it is to be painted as well.

Set everything aside to dry completely.

To build the wagon, turn the cake pan over and glue the flat part of the spatula to the bottom. You’ll want to be able to slide the pan to the edge of a table because the spatula handle has to go up above the pan to make the cart handle. Let the glue dry, you may need to weigh the spatula to hold it securely against the pan while it dries.

Glue the bottle caps to the center of the wheels. When the glue is dry, attach the wheels to the cake pan. The placement is up to you; they can be closer to the top or the bottom, but make sure they are all at the same height so that your cart stays flat.

I think this cart will be perfect this fall as a centerpiece filled with pumpkins or miniature squash (thanks to Imel’s Greenhouse for the photoshoot). But it can be used under the Christmas tree to hold pine cones or ornaments. And during the spring and summer, I think it would be nice to keep potted succulents on the porch. It would even be cute to use as a decoration for a baby shower or birthday party.

Have a good DIY!

KIM ROMANS is a passionate craftsman living in Greenup County.

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