Kentland Farm Field Day to showcase agricultural research and tools for livestock, forage and horticulture producers | VTX

On Tuesday, September 13, Virginia Cooperative Extension and Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will host Kentland Farm Field Day 2022 and highlight ongoing research projects at Kentland Farm as well as a focus on grazing tools, pasture management and horticulture. production.

John Fike, an extension forage specialist at Virginia Tech, will be the guest speaker at the event and will offer strategies for reducing fertilizer inputs on the farm. As Virginia’s forage specialist, Fike works with agents and producers to improve the productivity, profitability, and environmental quality of Virginia’s forage and livestock systems, largely through the efforts of the Graze 300 program, tall fescue management and implementation of silvograzing systems.

Other speakers from Extension, Virginia Tech and industry will lead workshops and demonstrations on the following topics:

  • Animal Science, Agronomy, Horticulture and Entomology Curriculum Updates
  • Reduce fertilizer inputs
  • Pasture Management Applications
  • Graze 300: A grower’s perspective
  • Small-scale vegetable irrigation
  • Weeding for vegetable production
  • Fence Strategies for Vegetable Production

Kentland Farm exists to support the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ research, education, and extension programs, which include many of Virginia’s major agricultural and animal species. Programs are delivered on the farm by many colleges and departments of the university, including engineering, science, veterinary science, liberal arts, and humanities.

Registration is $15 and includes lunch and ice cream. For any questions, contact Morgan Paulette at 540-980-7761 or [email protected] Please register online or by sending your details and payment before September 6:

Pulaski County Extension Office

Attention: Kentland Field Day, 143 Third Street NW Suite 3, Pulaski, Virginia, 24301

Please have checks payable to: “Treasurer – Virginia Tech”.

Lana T. Arthur