Kelly Chambers has her Mass Effect 3 design in both games now, fans split

Remastering the trilogy with the assets of Mass Effect 3 is not without consequences – as Kelly’s classic appearance is no longer.

Between Mass Effect 2 and 3, Yeomen Kelly Chambers has become almost unrecognizable. Due to the fact that the character textures didn’t transfer over properly in the sequel, her face ended up looking very different, completely unintentionally.

Nine years later, Mass Effect Legendary Edition gave developers the chance to unify the two designs and create some consistency across the trilogy. And that’s what they did – maybe not in the direction fans were hoping for.

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As spotted by Redditor FanEu953, Kelly is now making her Game 2 debut with her Mass Effect 3 face altered. The change is quite dramatic, the most noticeable difference being her hair, which is a completely different style. It’s also in a darker shade, closer to femshep’s auburn locks than Kelly’s own ginger roots. On top of that, almost every part of her face is different, with changes in her mouth, nose, and eyes very noticeable.

As fans point out in the responses, the difference is likely due to the fact that the first two games in the trilogy were upgraded using assets from Mass Effect 3. To keep Kelly the way she did at the Originally, that might have meant giving it a unique build, rather than using generic NPC assets. The developers may have decided not to spend time on this, given that Kelly is not a companion. That wouldn’t be anything new, as Normandy’s crew who don’t join Shepard on a mission have always seen changes in appearance (like Dr. Chakwas), but none are more dramatic than Kelly’s.

However, not all of the changes to the trilogy have been poorly received. Many fans were actually overjoyed to see that Tali got a new face, with the portrayal you offered of her for ending her romance that was completely different. The image of Tali without a mask you received in Mass Effect 3 was controversial at the time, as it was actually a photoshopped stock image. In the Remastered Trilogy, the image is now a unique mockup of what a Quarian would look like outside of their enviro-costumes.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released on May 14 and is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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