Jelly Crystal posts exciting ‘I don’t like dancing’ video

Jelly Crystal has released an exciting video for her new single “I Don’t Like Dancing” via Smuggler Music / PIAS.

The video, which was created with DIY magazine which hailed the title “a glam-rock bop”, is a retro sci-fi adventure through the streets of Stockholm, where Jelly Crystal invades human souls with a combination of masterful mind control and epic dance moves . Directors Lisa Pyk and Michelle Eismann said, “We wanted to create a mysterious sci-fi starring Jelly Crystal as an alien from a distant galaxy. Dressed in human disguise in the form of a perfect costume. , he dances a slow, fascinating and potentially deadly dance, walking the streets of Stockholm, collecting crystals that are found inside the human soul. When we wrote the idea, we were inspired by the old science fiction with fun imagery interspersed with new age elements such as crystal healing. ““I Don’t Like Dancing” is an upbeat escapade through the intoxicating glam-pop of the native of Gothenburg. Straddling piano keys and funky bass, reminiscent of Alfie Templeman, it matches a suave late ’70s tune of Thin White Duke Bowie influences while its wide range of vocals is reminiscent of the likes of Father John Misty. and Jake Shears Tied About Single Jelly Crystal says, “Seems like I don’t have a chance to make hits for kids so it’s for all of us. Especially for the very old people who have the music of dance group as their choice. Also, I wanted to make it clear once and for all that I don’t like dancing, I just wanted to sound like a Swedish dance group. “Jelly Crystal is the nickname of Stockholm-based artist Filip Johnson . As Jelly Crystal, he’s the left-wing glam rock street artist on the Sunset Strip, singing his heart out for nickels and dimes. It’s the music of the worn organ grinder of Yellow Brick Road and a wide-eyed kid in Wonderland. Innocence and decadence are never far from each other in its dazzling presence.“I Don’t Like Dancing” is the first taste of a very exciting set of work later this year from Jelly Crystal, which further expands her musical musings into the weird and wonderful.

Watch the video here:

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