io9 Halloween Costume Show 2021: Doctor Who, Flash, Fortnite

Members of the io9 community dressed up for Halloween as Stan Lee from Marvel Comics, a punk-rock version of Doctor Who's 13th Doctor and John Hammond from Jurassic Park.

Halloween 2021 is over, but the community of a cheesy website very intelligent and talented customers is always. At least, that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves ever since our little roundup of the coolest costumes from this year’s festivities that io9 readers shared came out today, rather than, you know, on halloween.

For our costume show this year you’ve given us everything from old favorites to funky new twists on genre icons, from old men in the comics to old men in … jurassic park (I love that as a theme, honestly), and the Flash at Fortnite. Before we get into our favorite reader entries, here’s a bonus multiversal mashup via social editor Gizmodo. Fall Christmas Kelly, who introduced us to Jan’s Spider-Trooper, and his family very quick Sonic gathering!

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Photo: Jan Lucanus

And here Io9’s unofficial mascot Leroy is reminding everyone that it’s tarantula season in Northern California, so watch where you step! Also, he would really love a bite of your sandwich.

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Photo: Cheryl eddy

Without further ado, here are even more glorious costumes from the io9 community, giving us wonderful looks from the world of games, comics, movies and TV. Don’t forget to click and congratulate your fellow io9ers!

We hope you all had a spectacular Halloween, in costume or not, and we are already looking forward to seeing your costumes for next year. And hey, if you already want to start planning, or need some inspiration for your next convention costume (after all, this weird San Diego mini-comic-con Event is later this month …), be sure to check out Costume shows from previous years, for even more cosplay goodness. In the meantime, if you haven’t shared your costume with us throughout the month but still want to show it off, feel free to include them in the comments section below! And don’t forget, as always: post pictures of yourself (and only yourself) and let us know who you are, how you were dressed and how you put your costume together.

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