Innovator Moves Madras HC Against Counterfeit Insect Trap Design | Chennai News

Madras District Court

CHENNAI: A Pondicherry-based company providing sustainable solutions for agriculture has taken the Madras High Court, alleging a violation of its registered design of a “solar bug trap” by a Vellore-based company.
The invention which is used even in the stores of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) is being violated and exploited commercially by the company Vellore, the company claimed. Representing SAFS Organic Enterprises, attorney Sanjay Gandhi offered a petitioner permission from the High Court to bring a civil action against Godwill Energy Products Private Ltd for alleged infringement of a registered design under the designs.
Allowing the motion, Judge G Jayachandran authorized SAFS to initiate the infringement proceedings.
According to the company, it obtained registration for its innovative insect trap design in 2015. The trap is said to help farmers reduce the use of pesticides.
In 2019, it emerged that Goodwill Energy Products had launched a similar trap with an identical design and even a color scheme. Claiming that such an act of goodwill would constitute an infringement of its registered design, SAFS took the matter to court.


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