‘I couldn’t love you more’

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Virginia – Ruth Rich wanted nothing more than to see her great-grandchildren perform in their school dance recital.

On Thursday night, her family surprised her by hosting the recital a month earlier.

“My grandmother being sick and wanting to go to the dance recital and not knowing if she will do the June 6 dance recital or the East Coast Dance Company, it was my grandmother’s last wish and I wanted to make it happen and with no hesitation Becky said yes, ”said Tabatha Hess, Ruth’s granddaughter.

Ruth was in tears as soon as she saw her family standing outside her front door.

“Did you all come to me?”

Ruth was fortunate to see the recital surrounded by her family and loved ones. She said she felt especially grateful given the history her family had with the dance studio.

“They’ve been in the studio for about 11 years. I think this is their eleventh recital. I was afraid to miss this one but I make sure they took care of it,” said Ruth.

The evening was filled with tears and laughter as the family gathered to watch the dance.

“I couldn’t love you more, I enjoyed every moment I spent in this studio with you and you are all smiling girls, I know you are all proud of you. You have to be. You are doing good to all of you, ”said Ruth.

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