HudsonAlpha builds agricultural research greenhouse

Leaders of the research institute say it will help Alabama increase education and the economy in agriculture.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — HudsonAlpha plans to change the game in agriculture with a new greenhouse under construction!

Scientists and students say they have spent time working on the DNA and genomes of plants and crops. The new 6,000 square foot greenhouse will give them more space and increase their impact on crop plants.

Leaders and researchers inaugurated the extension of the greenhouse campus five months ago.

“We have the ability to be able to grow these large sets of plants and evaluate them genetically to see what kinds of beneficial traits they have that could then be combined in breeding applications, to be able to improve the cultivated plants that are in the ground here in Alabama,” said HudsonAlpha faculty researcher Jeremy Schumtz.

Researchers say this will help Alabama increase education, as well as agricultural growth in the economy. “One of those goals is really to try to get young people as young as kindergarten through 8th grade and then all the way through the graduate student journey to engage people in plant science and be able to think about this as a career path here in Alabama,” Schmutz said.

“[Greenhouse] helps us here in Alabama with farming because one of the things that would really improve farming here in Alabama is being able to select and customize plants for Alabama conditions,” Schmutz added.

Some of the plant research currently includes peanuts, sorghum – a type of grain, barley, and perennial grasses.

“So one of the things we can work on is trying to optimize our plants to be able to survive and still produce during these drastic rain events that we have now in Alabama,” Schmutz said.

Leaders of the research institute say it will help Alabama increase education and the economy in agriculture.

“If we have more control over the development of these plants and their deployment in the southeast, we have more control in planting them and using them in downstream applications so that we can increase things like the food industry here. in Alabama,” Schmutz said.

Educators say construction of the greenhouse should be complete by next spring.

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Lana T. Arthur