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Spider-Man: No Way Home merchandise gave a first look at Peter Parker’s new “built-in” costume. How does this compare to past efforts?

With Peter’s new costume from Spider-Man: No Path Home revealed, how does that compare to the costumes of the past constructed by Tony Stark and the web-slinger himself? Even by underground MCU standards, Spider-Man: No Path Home is shrouded in secrecy, but despite Kevin Feige’s best efforts to keep those secrets hidden (presumably by gagging Tom Holland and Alfred Molina), new details have surfaced. The packaging of goods so often leaves major revelations in advance, and Spider-Man: No Path Home is no different, with a new LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum set featuring a web of previously hidden potential conspiracy clues.

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A Wong minifigure confirms an appearance by Doctor Strange’s loyal assistant (fresh from another cameo in Shang-Chi), and MJ can be seen battling a Scorpion-type robotic foe, possibly hinting at the return of Michael Mando’s villain from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Strange apparently also has some sort of workshop under the Sanctum, suggesting he will take over as Peter’s mentor. By far the most significant reveals, however, are Spidey’s two new costumes – one black and gold, and another red, black, and gold piece that appears to be Spider-Man: No Path Homethe “main” costume.

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Called a “built-in suit” or “integration suit,” the main suit takes the basic Spider-Man pattern and adds black to the lower arms and upper legs. The middle spider design has been enlarged and is now made from a dull gold color, but gold canvas shooters can also be seen attached to Spidey’s forearms. Compared to the costume Stark made, Peter Parker made his debut in Captain America: Civil War, the No way home the design is entirely different, devoid of blue and decorated with a completely modified logo. Only the mask remains unchanged from those early days. Instead, the outfit represents a hybrid between Stark’s Iron Spider armor and the costume Peter made in the final act of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The black coloring on the limbs comes directly from Far from home, although slightly scaled back, and the sprawling metallic logo is very similar to the Iron Spider’s torso seen in Avengers: Infinity War – although blue and gold were exchanged for gold, gold and more gold.

Given the hybrid design and the name “integrated” on the label, the new Spider-Man: No Path Home The suit could combine its most recent outfit with the best features of the Iron Spider, resulting in a best of both worlds ensemble. Other clues, however, suggest that the costume could be related to Stephen Strange as much as it is to Tony Stark. Browse Marvel’s next pick of Spider-Man: No Path Home merchandise, the “Integration Suit” is the red, black and gold number listed on the LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum set. But there’s also a Funko Pop of Spidey in his “Fitted Suit” that clearly shows a Doctor Strange contraption attached to the center where a Spider logo would otherwise sit, as well as some mystical arts magic emanating from his web shooter. This involves Peter and Strange working together in the Sanctum Workshop to improve the Spider-Man: Far From Home costume into something capable of traversing the multiverse – and this is where the real purpose of the latest costume lies.

Following Tony Stark’s disappearance, MCU fans might have hoped that Tom Holland’s character would continue on his own in Spider-Man: No Path Home, rather than relying on the mentorship of an older hero. Based on these costume designs, it would appear that young Peter simply replaced one goatee with another – even adorning his costume with the mystical technology of Doctor Strange’s mind. While it may disappoint some, the idea of ​​Peter’s costume swinging him across the multiverse like a slingshot ring does for Strange is incredibly intriguing and could lead to a lot of fun bending reality – bypassing it. Pym Particles and Quantum Realms process again.

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