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Reflectors must understand their individualism and refine it. However, their energy can be so unpredictable that they have to rebalance more than all other types of energy. According to Human Design, reflectors would have to wait about 28 days – roughly the length of a lunar cycle – before making any important decisions. “This is the time it takes for them to really balance themselves out,” Zoe says. “The other deadlines are just too short for them.”

If they live up to their design, Reflectors should feel surprised and overjoyed at how distinctive their lives are and “how different their days can look,” Zoe says. If they are not, they will be disappointed that they cannot keep up with the world around them, forgetting that they are not supposed to.


Your authority, to put it simply, is how you make decisions. On your body chart, it’s represented by the energy centers that are most filled and defined, Jones notes. For example, some people do not have a defined splenic center, so tracking their gut is not the best advice for them. They can be more logical instead. “Everyone has a hunch, but we all access it differently,” Jones adds, “this is where Human Design comes in to explain the best way for you to make decisions.

Emotional authority

This type of authority feels all and must overcome his emotional waves before making a decision. “If they’re happy, they’ll say yes, and if they’re sad, they’ll say no – and might regret that decision later,” says Jones. They should wait until they are in a quiet space, as long as it takes, and come out of this roller coaster of feelings before deciding what is best for themselves.

Sacred authority

This type of decision making is related to a feeling of excitement, a very visceral feeling in the body. “The sacred authorities essentially need enlightenment within,” explains Barnhart. If the decision doesn’t do it for them, it’s not the right one.

Splenic authority

Instinctual feelings guide your decisions. You make choices in an instant. A voice in your head tells you what you should and shouldn’t do. Your intuition may not make sense at times, but trust that it knows things that you don’t. “These people can act on their feelings as soon as possible,” Zoe says.

Authority of the ego

Your ego is what people mean when they say to follow their heart’s desire. For those with a full ego energy center, this feeling has never been truer. “It may sound selfish to some, but if your heart is pulling you towards something, you have to do it,” says Barnhart. “You will recognize it by the sensation in your chest.”

Center G Authority

Unlike the previous four authorities, which force them to go inward to select the best option for them, the people of the Center G Authority have to discuss and gain other points of view before they can know the next steps to take. . Also known as self-projected authority, “These people don’t necessarily need to take the advice of others, but by speaking they will clearly achieve what they really want,” Jones explains.

Mental authority

Mental authority – also known as environmental authority or sounding board authority – is another way of drawing conclusions by observing the outside world rather than through internal messages. Unlike the G-center authority, however, those with mental authority must also take note of their surroundings in order to make the right choices. “They have to talk about things and observe in environments that make them feel good,” says Jones.

No inner authority

These people, especially reflectors or external reflectors, have not defined any of their chakras, so they must, again, wait 28 days to determine the best option. They feel different every day and can be influenced by the outside world very easily, so they need as much time as possible to figure out which energy is theirs and which is coming from other people.

Human design in practice

Similar to astrology, human design does not predict or offer definitive answers about your future. However, understanding your body chart can help you analyze certain aspects of your life and potentially change your habits to become more productive, happier, etc. For example, I am a spotlight with emotional authority. Knowing this has transformed my relationships and my professional life. I no longer catch myself telling stories. Instead, projects come to me, thanks to the relationships I have forged with publishers. Also, if I am well rested, I notice that I can write much faster than I would while running all day, trying to keep up with the Manifestors and Generators of the world.

In terms of relationships, I have come to love the intensity of my emotions and the way they give me full clarity in the decisions I need to make. I am now confident that I need time to calm down to know what I want before I can define my needs. I communicate them so much better with my dates and potential partners and find inner peace when I do. Honestly, I would have liked to have met Human Design much sooner. The inner confidence I received from it has helped me adore my unique self and the way I function.

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