How financial research can help the agricultural sector in India

Agriculture is one of the most important and emotionally attractive economic sectors in India. About 60% of India’s population works in the agricultural sector, and demand is expected to increase after the decline of the pandemic that many global companies expect to occur in the first half of 2022. Measures and interventions to be provided to the large farming community are of the greatest need given the diverse needs of agriculture in India

Now is a good time to start your financial research if you are in the farming industry in India as there will be a lot to know in the coming months.

  1. Grants, tax benefits and government assistance

There are many organizations in India and abroad that offer generally very targeted grants. Some examples may include targeted hiring in agriculture, the use of certain technologies, or starting a farm in a particular region.

Understanding tax benefits and government programs can also be very difficult to navigate and knowing how to proceed, and just as important in some cases, how to document to prove that you are doing what is necessary can save a lot of money.

  1. Venture capital and external financial institutions

Many venture capital firms and financial institutions offer special financial services to the agricultural sector because it presents unique challenges and opportunities. It is important to find companies and banks that have experience of partnering and lending to similar businesses, as they will be able to provide external advice and understand the capital and seasonal factors that impact the business. agriculture in India. Being able to articulate your vision for growth and how you will use their resources to take them to the next level is important, notes Steven Czyrny, president of The Analyst Agency, a market research firm in the United States and based in the United States. is developing more in India.

“Having a partner who understands production cycles, technology needs, tax benefits, land deals, etc. can help a farm, a fishery or other agricultural businesses so much. “

  1. University and educational financial resources

Universities and schools across India offer plenty of financial resources such as manpower, grant writing assistance, training, etc. Tapping into these resources is a great way to take advantage of reduced labor costs, additional support, training, networking, and other benefits.

The author is the founder of The Analyst Agency, an award-winning global research, marketing and technology consulting services company based in the United States, Canada and India.

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Posted on: Wednesday December 15th, 2021 12:02 IST

Lana T. Arthur