Homelander Trends After Cody Rhodes Patriotic Costume Debut

Cody Rhodes reminded his fans of The Boys’ Homelander when he showed up to AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam wearing a new patriotic costume.

Homelander was all the rage on social media Wednesday night after Cody Rhodes arrived at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam sporting a brand new patriotic costume that fans said resembled the evil patriotic character from Amazon’s The Boys TV series.

Rhodes, a former star of World Wrestling Entertainment (where he was known as Stardust), was a founding wrestler of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he is also executive vice president. Rhodes hadn’t wrestled since August 4, when he suffered an unbalanced loss to Malaki Black which included Rhodes teasing that he might be taken out of the fight, but Black attacked him with a crutch as Rhodes signaled apparently his retirement. Instead, Rhodes got a rematch against Black at Grand Slam. Rhodes arrived with his wife, Brandi Rhodes, and manager, Arn Anderson, in a brand new outfit to go with his “American Nightmare” motif.

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Recently, Rhodes was discussing the different way fans treat him now that he is, in fact, the management, as fans quickly assume he is booking for matches or maybe giving himself “im deserved” wins. , which was a fear to Grand Slam with Rhodes again paired against Black.

At the same time, however, Rhodes explained that despite the somewhat negative reaction he now receives as a wrestler, he would not turn on his heels, explaining recently, “To go from a warm welcome to a contradictory welcome… I will retire before I become a heel. I am not going to make decisions that are bad for our young people. That’s the challenge, how do I keep where I am when the crowd wants to get a different flavor.

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Which is why Rhodes apparently embracing a Homelander motif has made some fans wonder if this was in fact preparing Rhodes to become a heel. Like a fan Noted, “Does Cody Rhodes realize The Homelander was the BAD GUY?” However, another fan Noted, “Cody said he would never turn on his heels. I imagine Homelander doesn’t consider himself a villain either. What if the Cody’s Homelander-inspired gear gives us any clue that’s the direction in which we’re heading, that could be a brilliant decision for Cody’s character in the future. “

However, other fans suggested that Rhodes may not be going for a Homelander look at all, as some thought he looked more like Evil Knievel …

And some have even compared it to some of Vanilla Ice’s costumes over the years.

Whether Rhodes adopts a Homelander vibe in his future appearances will likely make things clearer as to what exactly his new costume means.

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