Help your child create their own craft box

Looking for easy art ideas for kids? Fill a box with a variety of collected materials that your kids will love creating items with. Here’s how…

Don’t just throw it away

Keep aside some items that you usually throw away, such as cardboard roll holders, empty egg cartons, or even small empty matchboxes. Children love to paint and decorate these items and you should try to have them available when needed.

Take advantage of the sales

Look for sales where you can purchase arts and crafts supplies at lower prices. Thrift stores also offer a wide variety of mismatched wool, pipe cleaners, colored felt and fabric, buttons, rat tail cords, washi ribbon, sequins, beads, cut paper, and other weird items (like old socks) you can buy at near zero prices.

What to include in your box

You can include crayons, crayons, paint and brushes, markers, paper, glitter, glue, a pair of children’s scissors, stickers, etc. in your child’s craft box . Remember, the more you add, the more options your child will have to explore their creativity.

Make your own box

Instead of buying a box to store your supplies, make one yourself or at least with your child! For example, find an old shoebox. Let your child paint it, decorate it and personalize it to their liking. Let her keep it in her bedroom as a reminder of the fun that lurks inside. And finally, don’t forget to congratulate and admire!

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