Harley Quinn and Spider-Man are the most popular Halloween costumes of 2021

A Google Analytics study reveals that Harley Quinn and Spider-Man are by far the most popular Halloween costumes of 2021 to date.

As the Halloween season approaches, a study found that the most popular types of costumes are superhero outfits, with Harley Quinn and Spider-Man topping the list by a considerable margin.

Fashion retailer Nasty Gal followed Google search volumes to see which costumes were most searched for in 2021. The results saw the Web-Slinger and the Clown Princess of Crime topped the list, with 90,500 searches each. “Dressing up as a favorite superhero has always been a popular choice for Halloween enthusiasts,” the study said. “But this year, a number of Marvel and DC Films releases have sparked renewed interest in specific superhero costumes this Halloween.”

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The study also found that superhero costumes have become particularly popular among cosplayers. “The release of female-led superhero films such as Suicide Squad, Wonder woman and Black Widow made fans eager to get their hands on the superhero looks of Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot and Scarlett Johansson. Other popular characters include Batman, The Joker, Harry Potter, Princess Leia, and Jessica Rabbit.

The full results of the Nasty Gal study are as follows:

1. Harley Quinn (90,500 searches per month)

2. Spider-Man (90,500 searches per month)

3. Witch (60,500)

4. Cat (49,500)

5. Wonder Woman (49,500)

6. Joker (49,500)

7. Harry Potter (49,500)

8. Vampire (40,500)

9. Batman (40,500)

10. Playboy Bunny (33,100)

11. Black Widow (33,100)

12. Devil (33,100)

13. Superheroes (27,100)

14. Mermaid (27,100)

15. Rabbit (27,100)

16. Princess Leia (22,200)

17. Zombie (22,200)

18. Phantom (22,200)

19. Jessica Rabbit (18,100)

20. Nurse (18,100)

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Source: mean girl

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