Hankook Design Innovation Projects Win 2021 iF Design Awards

Hankook Tire won in the Professional Concept and Communication categories at the famous 2021 iF Design Awards. Hankook was honored in both categories for its Design Innovation Project 2020.

“It is an honor to receive worldwide recognition for our philosophy and innovative design capabilities,” said Jimmy Kwon, vice president of the Hankook Tire Brand Lab. “This recognition demonstrates our design leadership in the industry as well as our vision for future mobility. By incorporating new ideas into our cutting edge technology, we are constantly exploring design concepts for the next generation and strengthening our premium brand asset. “

Design Innovation is Hankook’s R&D project, organized every two years in collaboration with one of the world’s leading design universities. Thanks to joint research, the project offers a vision of future driving and solutions that meet the challenges of today’s mobility.

Under the theme “Urban Reshaping”, the project visualized the transformation of cities by reconfiguring mobility within the framework of living spaces rather than autonomously. There is a future that adopts augmented automation infrastructure and cutting edge technologies such as green technology, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence (AI).

A modular platform, proposed by Hankook and named “Hankook Platform System (HPS) -Cell”, was recognized as the winner of the Professional Concept category. It applies “Hankook Innovative Performance (HIP)”, which represents Hankook’s technological breakthroughs and emphasizes that the tire is indeed at the center of mobility. In particular, it received high scores in the form criterion, which assesses aesthetics and workmanship, as well as in the differentiation criterion, which assesses individuality and intrinsic worth.

The HPS-Cell tire is an airless tire with a unit cell structure. It is a concept tire that uses sensor technology, variable wheels and an optimized infrastructure to identify tire treads and road conditions in real time, respond to the risks of wear and modify the tread pattern according to the conditions. roads.

In addition, the Design Innovation Film 2020, the concept film to bring the concept tire and the HPS-Cell platform to life, won the award in the Communication category. The film illustrates how an urban population in the future can use this type of mobility platform. It was highly rated in the impact criterion, which assesses sustainability and social contribution.

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