Growtech has left its mark on the global agricultural sector

Growth technology 20e International Exhibition of Greenhouses, Agricultural Technology and Livestock Equipment with the motto “Meet, Grow, Win!” »Brought together international agricultural professionals around trade and export. Make a remark about the exhibition, Director of the Growtech Engin Er exhibition said: “We opened our doors to visitors after a two-year hiatus and the exhibition was very successful. We brought together 510 companies from 25 countries and agricultural professionals from 125 countries under one roof. The number of visitors has increased by 26% this year compared to the number of visitors to the 2019 edition which was the last exhibition we organized before the pandemic. 53 thousand 640 people visited Growtech in 4 days. I would like to thank all exhibitors and visitors, as well as public institutions and industry and professional organizations like the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey, ATSO ( Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry), BAİB (Association of Western Mediterranean Exporters), ATB (Antalya Commodity Exchange), TÜRKTOB (Turkish Seed Union), SERKONDER (Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Construction and greenhouse equipment), GÜİD (Association of Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters of Fertilizers), BASUSAD (Industrial Pressure Irrigation Association), as well as the Growtech team and members of the press who contributed to the success of the event.


Referring to the major contributions of the Growtech fair to the agricultural sector, Uh said, “Growtech is now the meeting point of the global agricultural sector. Our companies can access their target markets through Growtech. Buyers all over the world can find a diverse range of products and solutions at Growtech and thus grow their business. This year, visitors came mainly from Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In addition, 19 buying companies from 7 countries participated in the hosted buyers program organized by the Association of Western Mediterranean Exporters (BAİB) under Growtech. The Netherlands, Spain and Hungary exhibited their latest products and technologies in their national pavilions. Besides exhibitors and visitors, international agricultural journalists have shown great interest in Growtech. 23 agricultural journalists from 16 countries participated in Growtech to closely monitor the global agricultural sector and hold private meetings.

Growtech has also organized numerous events which present observations and solutions regarding the sector agenda by supporting agricultural innovation. Organized by Growtech since 2008 and organized in cooperation with the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO), the ATSO Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards were presented to the winners in 5 categories determined by the selection committee. Growtech also hosted the 5e Plant Breeding Project Market (BIPP) in collaboration with Turkish Seed Union (TÜRKTOB), Akdeniz University Technology Transfer Office (Akdeniz TTO) and Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) under the main theme “Are you ready to sow the seeds of future? ”The winners of The Plant Breeding Project Market also announced and received their awards during the show.


23 agricultural journalists from 16 countries visited Growtech in collaboration with the Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists (TAGYAD). The international press participated in the intensive two-day programs to fully understand the situation in the sector. Journalists followed closely the meetings and presentations held on different agricultural topics such as agricultural mechanization, greenhouse cultivation and exports. These journalists thus collected several information concerning the Turkish agricultural and food sector as well as the agricultural potential of Antalya. A roundtable was also organized by the Turkish Seed Union (TÜRKTOB) within the framework of Growtech. Speaking at the event organized with the participation of members of the press of the Association of Economic Journalists, Savaş Akcan, Vice President of TÜRKTOB said: “Seeds are the next step in our search for alternative solutions. to the climate crisis. New varieties of drought resistant / tolerant plants are in demand. The impact of changing food security mindset on production begins in the field, in the garden, in other words from the seeds. “


The theme of the “Agricultural Talks” held for the fourth time this year was “Global Climate Change and the Future of Agriculture”. The event was moderated by İrfan Donat, agricultural editor of BloombegrHT television channel. Halil Kozan, President of SERKONDER (Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Greenhouse Construction Equipment), Rahmi Çakarız, President of BASUSAD (Association of Pressurized Irrigation Industrialists), and Professor Dr. Süleyman Soylu of the Faculty of Agriculture from Selçuk University attended the event as speakers. In addition to the discussions on agriculture, Growtech’s conference program also attracted a lot of attention. The panel on “Learn more about seeds from your experts” was organized at Growtech by the Sub-Union of Seed Manufacturers and Producers (TSÜAB). The panel was moderated by Buket Sakmanlı Apaydın, and Chairman of the Board of Yüksel Seed Mehmet Yüksel, Prof. Dr. S. Ahmet Bağcı from Selçuk University and Chairman of TSÜAB and ECOSA (ECO Seed Association) Yıldıray Gençer attended the panel as speakers. “Pandemic, climate change and the importance of seeds” was discussed at the second event organized by TSÜAB on the third day of the fair. Agricultural columnist Ali Ekber Yıldırım and Yıldıray Gençer, president of TSÜAB and ECOSA (ECO Seed Association), attended the event as speakers. Metin Güneş, President of the Association of Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters of Fertilizers (GÜİD), met growtech agricultural players during another panel on “The impact of the EU Green Agreement on the fertilizer sector ”. In addition, Seda Özel, Head of Agricultural Services Department of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, made a presentation at the Growtech conference on “We are working for planned, regular, principled and sustainable agriculture in Antalya”.

Lana T. Arthur