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Ahh, the fall. . . Spicy pumpkin lattes, brown leaves on the grass, the gentle fall breeze, pumpkin stains and the holiday season. Is there really a better time of year than September through November? After all, it doesn’t get too hot like in the heat of the summer season, but it also doesn’t get freezing cold like it does when the winter season arrives. When fall is here, everything feels good.

When we’re not sipping pumpkin spice lattes or raking fallen leaves in our backyard, we’re planning all the fun festivities that come with the onset of fall. And what’s the best part when it comes to vacation planning? Of course, it’s about planning who you’ll have all the good times with each year. Looking back, all of our best vacation memories are with our best friends, families, or someone special.

Did you and your summer boyfriend come all the way to fall? If so, you may already be planning the holiday season with each other. Of course, the first day of celebration is Halloween, and there’s no cuter way for couples to celebrate than wearing DIY matching costumes. If you’re stuck trying to figure out what you and your partner should be like this year, check out all of our top ideas here.

Vampires, ghosts and more

If you are looking for super easy DIY Halloween costumes for couples at the last minute, we suggest you stick to the basics. After all, who can be mad at typical vampire costumes? For example, if you decide to be bloodsuckers together, all it takes is a few fake vampire teeth, a little makeup to make your skin pale, and a few goth outfits. One can even be the evil vampire and the other can be the bloody victim.

If you are looking for the simpler option, then the two of you can be ghosts with just a simple white sheet and scissors to punch holes for your eyes! If that’s too basic for you, you can go for something more spooky like skeleton costumes. All it takes is a simple skeleton outfit that you can buy at any Halloween or DIY store, then lots and lots of makeup to look as scary as you can!

Other pretty obvious DIY costumes for couples who want to celebrate Halloween with each other that are total classics are options like nurse and doctor, devils, angels (or a devil AND an angel), spooky clowns, scarecrows and pumpkins, and many more. If you walk into a Halloween party or even decide to spend the evening taking a walk or having fun with the kids, you can certainly expect to see one of these options.

Some more creative choices

Are you looking for more creative options for couples when it comes to DIY Halloween costumes? Well, the amount of ideas is almost endless as there are tons of iconic choices to choose from. For example, if you are both big Disney fans, why not dress like Disneyland tourists, or better yet, famous Disney characters? You can be anything from princesses to princes, to Lilo & Stitch.

Some other pretty popular options that people love for Halloween include ideas like the Addams Family, the Scooby-Doo series, Harry Potter outfits, Marvel costumes, and many more. Be creative with it! The possibilities for DIY costumes for couples who want to spend Halloween together are absolutely endless. As long as you plan ahead, we’re sure you’re going to absolutely stun the crowds this season.

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