Gaussin calls on Pininfarina to design electric trucks

Pininfarina is responsible for the design of the new range of electric trucks from the French manufacturer Gaussin and gives a first overview. Future Gaussin trucks are based on a new skateboard platform suitable for 18-44 ton battery and fuel cell electric trucks.

We briefly touched on the new platform solution a few weeks ago as part of a freshly signed supply contract between Gaussin and battery maker Microvast. It is a flat “skateboard” that contains all the key components and systems for on-road trucks with reciprocating drives and will also be offered to third parties.

The Gaussin Group – until then known mainly for special vehicles for port and airport logistics – is thus moving towards road logistics. For its own trucks based on the skateboard platform, the Italian design forge Pininfarina now comes into play. According to Gaussin, it is about creating a whole new concept of cabin, synonymous with comfort and safety for the driver, while at the same time. intelligently connecting to the platform. The design is to distinguish the entire planned range of Gaussin trucks. The manufacturer mentions in particular a 44-ton tractor with a range of up to 1,200 kilometers, combining electric propulsion and hydrogen, as well as trucks for distribution logistics, construction and waste management, and a “Gaussin H2 Racing Truck ”, what the French are doing. not detailed.

“The cabin must be adapted to new mobility needs. It must be the link between the driver and his mission, between the truck and its environment. It must be clean, safe, user-friendly but also smart to operate at a high level of efficiency…. and it must have a signature that lasts over time, ”says Christophe Gaussin, CEO of Gaussin. (PDF)

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