Forget the baking soda: coffee grounds are more effective at removing strange odors from the refrigerator

Seriously. Place a small bowl of coffee grounds on a shelf in your refrigerator and it will absorb the odor, just like baking soda. But unlike baking soda (and what makes us love it five minute hack even more) is that it adds subtle hints of java to the air, which makes your morning routine staring in the fridge as I decide what’s for breakfast all the more enjoyable. It’s because coffee contains nitrogen, which is effective in neutralizing odors.

If you’re worried about having an open bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge (and if someone spills it, and then you have another mess to deal with ?!), you can always store the grounds in a nylon stocking, according to Linda Cobb, author of Talk dirty with the queen of cleanliness.

Whichever way you choose to store the patterns, just be sure to swap them out every two months to keep your fridge smelling fresh all year round. You might find that you love the hack so much that you start putting makeshift little coffee bags everywhere (gym bags! Drawers! Car consoles!), Like the folks back home. El Dorado roasters do.

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