Flash director gives first look at Supergirl’s costume in Ezra Miller’s DC Flick

I mean, how cool is that? There’s a new Kryptonian coming to town, and it looks like his superhero costume will be a fun alternative to the one worn by Henry Cavill’s Superman across three blockbusters. While we can only see part of the costume, you can also see at least one way it differs from Cavill’s iconic design. Let’s break it down.

As mentioned earlier, the above Sparkle tease comes to us from Andy Muschietti’s personal social media accounts. This is actually the third in a series of costume teases, which he posted one after another on The Gram. The former teased the return of Michael Keaton’s iconic Batman costume, with a mysterious splash of blood. Next, a brief look at Ezra Miller’s new costume for The Flash, which will presumably be constructed throughout the film’s mysterious run. It’s clear that there are three very different heroes who will embark on Barry Allen’s long-awaited single-player adventure.

Moviegoers can so far re-watch the DCEU on HBO Max. You can use this link to register for the streaming service.

Considering how long it took for the Flash movie to finally take off, the excitement for the blockbuster is already built in. Fans have also gained a better understanding of Ezra Miller’s character thanks to Zack Snyder Justice League. But add in multiple versions of Batman and Sasha Calle’s early days as Supergirl, and The Flash has plenty going on. Hopefully Andy Muschietti keeps the set photos coming.

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