First Date Tips: How Men and Women Think Differently British GQ

When it comes to dating, the well-known phrase “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” rings true. Working as a relationship psychologist and global director of the elite Berkeley International introductory agency means that I work closely with both genders to discuss what they look for in a partner, their feelings about it. meetings and their thoughts on the dates they were. What is quite clear is that women and men are programmed very differently and this is especially evident when dating. Below, I break down the main dating attributes I’ve observed over the 15 years of dating.

1. Women tell everyone

Whether the date went well or not, women are eager to tell their friends about it. Friends, family and coworkers will go through the date from start to finish: from anxiety before the date and what to wear, to debriefing after the date. Women are generally happy to reveal more personal information than men and will likely go into every detail, from her shoes to how many drinks they’ve had or whether they’ve kissed.

If the date went well, the women want to show off, and if the date didn’t live up to expectations, they ask their friends for validation that he was the problem, not them. . Men, on the other hand, don’t like to share so many date details on their WhatsApp group. They don’t want to laugh at being overly enthusiastic about their friends.

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