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Fertilizer JV to serve Sabah’s agricultural sector

Published on: Monday August 15th, 2022

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Bung (centre) and Abdul Ghani give a thumbs up while Syaheddrul (left) and Dr Muhammad Fairus show the signed MoU documents.

A high-tech nano-fertilizer plant will be jointly developed by Sabah Land Development Board (SLDB) and Diversatech Fertilizer Sdn Bhd (DFSB) on 10 acres of land owned by SLDB in Silabukan, Lahad Datu. SLDB and DFSB have signed a memorandum of agreement (MoU) to this end in Kuala Lumpur on 11 August. The MoU was signed by SLDB Managing Director Syaheddrul R Joddari and DFSB Managing Director Datuk Dr Muhammad Fairus Hussain, in the presence of Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin and SLDB Chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Mohd Yassin.

Syaheddrul said the MoU is part of SLDB’s 2022-2026 strategic plan to develop rural communities in Sabah through the purchase of agricultural inputs such as plant fertilizers which can be obtained at reasonable prices. Furthermore, he said, it would also open space for SLDB to diversify its business activities through the sale of plant fertilizers to farms and farmers in Sabah as well as international markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines. “It will also create employment opportunities for the people of Saba and provide them with the experience needed to set up such a factory. “The construction of the fertilizer plant is in line with the recommendations of the state government through the Hala Tuju Sabah Maju Jaya (SMJ) Development Plan and is also one of SLDB’s first preparations to become a “food security” agency in Sabah,” he said. said.


Dr Muhammad Fairus said DFSB and SLDB will jointly develop the plant. He said their close cooperation started with a joint venture in researching the effectiveness of premium fertilizer products on oil palm plants that use nanotechnology produced by DFSB, resulting in a higher yield. high compared to normal practice. Moreover, he said, the nanotechnology fertilizer is only applied twice a year and is effective in reducing Ganoderma disease on young oil palm seedlings. In order to achieve the goal of national food security, where people can access food physically and economically as well as sufficient food for a healthy and sustainable life, Sabah must move forward by having a food factory. modern and dynamic fertilizer to meet the fertilizer needs for the palm tree. oil, rice, rubber, fruits and vegetables in order to continue to provide high quality results for domestic use and export.


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Lana T. Arthur