Evolution of Robin’s Nightwing costume featured in epic cover

Dick Grayson has worn numerous costumes throughout his time as Robin and Nightwing, and a gorgeous new cover captures it all in one image.

Few mainstream comic book characters have evolved as much as the first Robin and current Nightwing, Dick Grayson. Naturally, with that evolution came a whole slew of costume changes, and while not all were winners, they all reflect Dick’s evolution as a character. DC pays homage to that legacy with a cover featuring all of the major costumes worn by Dick Grayson, and the result is nothing short of stunning.

In the current continuity of direct current, Nightwing received a kind of soft restart with the well received Nightwing # 78 by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. This homecoming story for Dick has him returning to Blüdhaven after a long hiatus and trying to do more for the city than just beat up its criminals. Even with Batgirl’s help, things won’t be easy for Nightwing as he will be dealing with corrupt politicians, organized crime, and his own doubts about the effectiveness of superheroes. Far from a typical superhero story, Nightwing’s quest to fix the city he calls home sees him grapple with institutional issues with no easy fix. This new version of the character has been so loved by fans that his first two issues are already back for a reprint.

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In a statement on their website, DC Comics ad this Nightwing # 78 and 79 out of print. To celebrate this formidable achievement, DC is reprinting both issues with new covers by artist from the series Bruno Redondo. While the first new cover is a solid representation of the Nightwing dive in the reader’s mind, it’s the second that will undoubtedly garner more attention. In a nod to the 1960s Batman series, it depicts each iteration of Dick Grayson climbing a wall with a rope. From his classic Robin design to his first disco-necked Nightwing costume, the character’s most famous costumes are all featured. Fortunately, Redondo had the good grace to leave out some of Dick’s most infamous costumes, such as the Grayson series or one of the regrettable outfits from Nightwing’s recent stint as Ric Grayson. Check out the new shiny covers below!

The cover is full of little details that are sure to delight longtime Dick Grayson fans. More than just a celebration of Nightwing, it actually reflects many themes from the new series. Aside from Dick himself, the only two other characters depicted on the cover are Alfred, whose hands hold Robin’s cape, and Batgirl, who climbs out of a window to see Dick. Although Alfred is dead, it casts a long shadow over the new Nightwing series as Dick inheriting his money is the inciting incident in the story that brings Barbara back into Dick’s life and makes him rethink his fight against crime. More intriguing than that is their placement, with Alfred at the start of Dick’s journey and Barbara at the end, perhaps indicating that Alfred is Dick’s past and Barbara his future, despite his current relationship with Starfire.

Regardless of the thematic weight of the cover, this is an absolutely stunning piece of art that shows Dick’s journey from child to adult. Dick Grayson is easily one of the best characters in DC. As the name suggests Nightwing, he’s the natural amalgamation of Batman and Superman, so seeing him finally reclaim his more optimistic disposition is satisfying. Dick could have taken a long journey after taking on the role of Robin to become Nightwing but this new cover shows it was a worthwhile trip. Look for reprinted editions of Nightwing # 78 and 79 when they release on April 27.

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