Every DLC Manager Costume, Ranked

Monster Hunter: World was unique among Monster hunter games for its inclusion of a large number of purchasable DLC cosmetic items. Among these optional cosmetics is a collection of new outfits for the manager, some of which are locked until the player purchases the Ice cream expansion for the game.

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Seven of these DLC Handler outfits, however, are available to players in the base game, without the $ 40 add-on pack. While they are each purchasable separately, it is a bit cheaper to purchase them all in one bundle on the player’s preferred console. However, players will likely stick with one or two outfits for the manager.

7 The Manager’s Guildmarm Suit

Guildmarm Monster Hunter World Handler Outfits

The Guildmarm outfit for the Handler in Monster Hunter World is a reminder to Monster Hunter 4 and its ramifications. In Monster Hunter 4, Sophia, the Guildmarm, is one of the Guild receptionists. She wears a semi-circular green hat with a feather and gold trim, as well as a forest green overcoat and small glasses.

The Guildmarm outfit brings Sophia’s style to life in the Monster Hunter: World engine. While the Manager may not serve the exact same purpose as the Guildmarm in Monster hunter world, this outfit makes it look a little more official.

6 The manager’s Sunshine sarong

Sunshine Pareo Monster Hunter World Handler Outfits

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Handler’s Sunshine Pareo outfit. This outfit takes away any trace of professionalism in the Handler’s outfit – although Pareo Handler seems to be having a lot more fun than the Standard Handler.

The outfit is in two parts, an upper frilly top and a lower waistband. It also includes a flower tucked into the manager’s hair behind white rimmed glasses. The Handler has never been a villainous character, but this outfit gives more of a relaxed outdoor vibe, as opposed to the very practical gear that it usually adorns.

5 Manager’s Winter Spirit Coat

Monster Hunter World Handler Outfits Winter Spirit Coat

When tackling large monsters in the lava pits of Elder’s Recess, it’s easy to take the scorching heat for granted. However, the Ice cream expansion is cold. To prepare for this, the player can give the manager a Winter Spirit cloak with a fur cape, a cylindrical hat, and chunky boots with matching ball ornaments.

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The costume is one of the cutest looks of the Handler. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough snowy or cold areas in the base game to make the outfit really feel comfortable. What it lacks in terms of practicality, however, it makes up for with its flat style.

4 The manager’s busy bee dress

Busy Bee Dress Monster Hunter World Handler Outfits

The Manager’s Busy Bee Dress is one of two animal-themed outfits for the Manager. Of them, he’s the most … human both. For this outfit, the Handler gets a Paolumu-type fluffy mane and headgear, two decorative antennae, hexagonal lens glasses, and buzzing yellow wings that resemble a skirt (plus two balls on the feet).

It’s an incredibly cute look for the manager, and one that will make her stand out from the rest of the NPCs wandering around Astera. However, one thing doesn’t make sense about the costume: the manager is described as “busy”. Monster Hunter: World players can attest that a monster gets crushed more often than it helps the player defeat it.

3 The manager’s friendly Felyne costume

Felyne Monster Hunter World Handler Friendly Outfits

Two animal-themed DLC outfits for the Handler in Monster Hunter: World, this is the one that most gamers are looking for. There’s just something special about having an obtusely large Palico-type head staring at the player during dialogue and cutscenes.

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The player can barely see the manager through the outside of the suit. His forehead and nasal bridge are barely visible behind the Palico’s mouth. You also have to wonder if the Palicos d’Astera like the Handler to wear an outfit that essentially stereotypes their people. Then again, it’s probably too weird for them to comment.

2 The Handler Astera 3 Star Chef Coat

Astera Chef Monster Hunter World Handler 3 Star Outfits

The 3 Star Astera Chef Coat is perhaps the most relevant outfit of the seven available to the manager. The Handler gives the Hunter their quests and objectives, of course, but the Handlers also prepare food during missions and expeditions to boost their partner’s abilities.

When not using Chef Meowscular for player dietary needs, activate the Astera 3 Star Chef Coat to give the manager an extra touch of professionalism. It does not give any bonus to cooked recipes; however, this makes the food Feel as if it had been prepared by a pro, even when Chef Meowscular is nowhere to be found.

1 The manager’s playful dress

Mischevious Dress Monster Hunter World Handler Outfits

The playful manager’s dress is the most detailed, ornate, and beautiful outfit for the manager. It’s an outfit somewhere in between A nightmare before Christmas and Harley Quinn from Batman franchise, with a bit of Moxxi’s Borders as well as.

The costume endows the Handler with a variety of spooky perks. It features a small orange and black hat, a lace cape around the neck, a purple and black skirt with white embellishments and pumpkin balls. Frilly sleeves and eye-catching eyeshadow complete the look. The costume is Halloween-themed, of course, but its vaguely baroque design fits into the world of Monster hunter It’s okay.

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