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Most moms can understand that capturing this monthly milestone in your mini is a must. So when Allison Lee found out she was expecting a baby boy in 2017, she decided to create her own monthly milestone. The result? A soft, customizable and nostalgic personalized felt pennant.

“We weren’t planning on selling them, but my family and friends asked me to make them for them and their friends,” says Lee. “It just started to grow organically.”

At the time, Lee, who is a full-time elementary physical education teacher, had an Etsy shop for calligraphic designs. After receiving initial requests for pennants, however, she listed some on her existing Etsy site, and their popularity was unprecedented.

“The pennants have taken over the Etsy store,” says Lee. “We closed the calligraphy section in 2018, then I called on my husband to help him [with pennants] in 2019. “

In 2019, Eventide Pennant Co. was officially founded.

Photo by Ann Beverley Prideaux Photography

“I love it because that’s what I came up with for our first son,” says Lee, now a mother of three. “And I love the handmade look and the hand lettering. There are other stores that have flags with names on them, but you can tell when they have a font that they are using.

The Eventide Pennant Co. pennants come in two sizes – a standard, which measures 11 by 18 inches corner-to-corner, and a mini, which measures approximately 6½ by 10 inches – and customers can choose their combinations of colors.

“It’s really fun to watch,” says Lee. “It’s one of my favorite things, especially when the coating ends at the end, to see what colors they chose to go together because so often these are colors that I wouldn’t have put together but I end up loving.

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