Eco-changes Severe impacts on the agricultural sector: Fakhar Imam

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam said on Sunday that the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector, including human life, is a major challenge for sustainable environmental development in the country.

He said that sustainable environmental growth was the key to improving the agricultural sector on which human life depends.

The Minister said this while speaking as the guest of honor at the launch of a seven-day awareness campaign on “Eat, move and live in a sustainable way for a sustainable standard of living and a better life in accordance with to environmental standards ”, jointly organized by the Swedish Embassy in Islamabad and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) here.

He said the current economy is centered on the agricultural sector, including crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry. In the presence of all these factors, an economy could be qualified as sustainable. The minister said climate change has also affected our agricultural sector, including major crops such as cotton and wheat, which are in urgent need of protection from extreme weather.

“At present, we have 200 million head of cattle, which is very low,” he said, adding that one of the main reasons for the decline of livestock in the country was the lack of good food and medicine.

Fakhar Imam said that at present Pakistan is a country rich in natural beauties and natural resources. “We have six major peaks in the world, despite the existence of glaciers, today we are facing a scarcity of water for agriculture which is also due to climate change”, he informed.

He said that in the past forests were cut down in Pakistan while now efforts are being made to replant the same. Likewise, there were rare animals in our northern regions that need to be protected, he said and added “We need to educate our younger generation about climate change so that we can have sustainable development in the to come up”.

On this occasion, Swedish Ambassador to Pakistan Henrik Parson said that sustainable environmental growth is essential to mitigate the main environmental threat to human life. “We have to make good changes in our lives depending on the environment and change the things that are not compatible with the environment,” he said.

The ambassador said that climate change has effects on the sustainable development goals of life and it also affects different major aspects of life. He said agriculture, quality food, water scarcity and other potentially deadly factors of climate change need to be addressed as a matter of priority.

“By stopping the use of plastic bags and other items that are harmful to the environment, we can prevent carbon emissions from the atmosphere,” said Henrik Parsons. He said that the current government of Pakistan has taken important steps to combat the negative effects of climate change and to maintain the quality of life in the country.

Billion Tree Tsunami and Green Pakistan were the most important projects that would surely play an important role in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly life. He said that Pakistan and Sweden have great potential for working in the fields of environment and sustainable living.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Standing Senate Committee on Climate Change, Senator Seemi Ezdi, declared that sustainable environmental growth was the only way forward for the development of society. This was an effort to raise awareness of this issue and fill the missing links by encouraging people to make environmentally friendly choices.

Lana T. Arthur