Each Superman costume is on display in a stunning blanket

The Man of Steel has sported several different looks over the years, and the best are featured in a cover variant for Action Comics.

Superman has had many looks and outfits over the past 83 years, and now they’re all in the spotlight in a stunning cover variant for Action comics # 1033 by artist Julian Totino Tedesco.

When the Man of Steel first appeared in Action comics # 1 in 1938, much of what fans know about his costume was established in comic book lore: the S shield, cape, red trunks, and more. of the New 52 era – it has remained largely the same. Over time there have been a few deviations, such as the all-black outfit he wore on his return from the dead, or the now infamous “Electric Superman” of the late ’90s. These new looks were temporary, but now the best of them are featured on this brand new variant cover for the upcoming Action comics # 1033. Over the past few years, Julian Totino Tedesco has created amazing covers for Marvel and DC, putting his personal touch on books such as Harley quinn and Hawkman, and this new coin continues that winning streak.

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The classic Superman stands in front and center of the cover and is flanked by other Supermen, past and present. The electric Superman is there, as is the Superman with the long hair and in the black suit. The two new 52 Supermen are taken into account, as is the Superman of the Golden Age. There are also supermen dressed in Kryptonian clothes – one of the John Byrne Steel man era and the other wearing Kryptonian military attire. It’s a nice mix of classic and off the beaten track costumes and a trip down memory lane for longtime Man of Steel fans.

Superman’s costume is iconic, as much a part of him as his powers or secret identity, and because he’s so well known, there have been few changes. The more dramatic departures, such as the Electric Superman, serve as a reminder to fans why the original is great in the first place. Seeing Superman wearing outfits from his homeworld is also a good idea, reminiscent of Superman is an alien. The cover also sticks to heroic interpretations; Missing are the various Elseworlds-related outfits he has sported over the years, such as the Red Son Superman or Ultraman (the evil Superman of Earth-3).

In more than 80 years of existence, Superman sported a variety of costumes, and fans can see them once again in the Julian Totino Tedesco variant cover for Action comics # 1033, on sale in print and on digital platforms in July.

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