Dr. Annuar encourages young people to venture into the agricultural sector

Dr. Annuar (third from left) presents the certificate to one of the program participants.

SIBU (12 November): Sarawak must take drastic measures to increase food production through the agricultural sector for self-sufficiency, Deputy Minister for Education Innovation and Talent Development 1 Datuk said Dr Annuar Rapaee.

Dr Annuar pointed out that since Sarawak has a large area of ​​land that can be cultivated for food compared to other states, there is no reason why the state cannot produce enough food for self-sufficiency.

“As such, young people should rise to the challenge of getting involved in the agricultural sector which promises lucrative dividends,” he said speaking to the closing of the AgriCOP Series2/2022 Bawang Assan program which took place. held yesterday at a hotel here.

Citing Taiwan as an example, Dr Annuar said the area there is relatively small but people are not only able to produce enough food for self-sufficiency but also export it overseas.

“Here we have swathes of land but when we go to the supermarkets most of the agricultural products sold are imported from overseas. We only find local vegetables and fruits in the markets.

Annuar said that is why drastic measures must be taken to overcome the problem of food shortage in the state.

“We must have enough food for our own people,” he added.

Moreover, Dr. Annuar said that considering that agriculture is one of the still underutilized sectors, young entrepreneurs should consider it as an area that can offer them a promising career.

“These young people need to understand that farming is not a dirty or unpopular career. What is important is that this career pays dividends,” he added.

Dr Annuar said that in Australia research and development is being conducted to come up with cutting edge technology to produce crops.

“In Malaysia, I think only Sabah is currently working in this direction,” he added.

He said agricultural products need to be marketed, which will add value and opportunities for young entrepreneurs to further develop the food industry.

“This is why young entrepreneurs play an important role in the optimal use of the agricultural sector. We need to find the market segments that we can acquire or take over so that we can provide full benefits to our company. »

Annuar said agriculture is not just about planting or hoeing, but has an important downstream market where young people could play an important role in the future.

“However, to be successful, you need to have the determination and perseverance in the work to produce results.”

Lana T. Arthur