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The wonderful thing about interior design is that you don’t always have to be expensive to look expensive. Here are a few hacks, all under $ 100.

1. Mirrors as a headboard

Whether you use mirrors horizontally to widen a space, vertically to add height, or in a grid pattern to mimic windows, this is a great way to bounce light and color in a space.

Wallpaper remains a hot trend. Are you not sure you want to take the plunge? Try to use removable or temporary wallpaper.

3. Incorporate industrial elements

Industrial pipes can be used for everything from ladder rungs to help hold shelves.

4. Curtains made from drop cloths

Who doesn’t love seamless curtains? Drop sheets are the perfect weight of cotton for a curtain, especially for those seeking privacy. Take some drapery pins and tie them to a rod, add eyelets, and you’re good to go!

5. Objects reused as shelves

From recycled wood to skateboards in a kid’s bedroom or family space, it’s time to get creative.

The tiny succulents are hearty enough to be around for weeks or even months. Pair them with plain white sand in a jar or glass container and you have a beautiful decorative piece for your home.

7. Affordable side tables and carts

Bar carts or side tables don’t have to be traditional. Garden stools and carts can be used as side tables and decorative items.

8. Rice paper or other items placed in shadow boxes or plexiglass

Rice paper is modern and neutral at the same time. One creative idea is to place large pieces in frames.

9. Wine glasses as candle holders

This is my new idea of ​​”that”. Just take some wine glasses, turn them over and place a small votive at the bottom, which now serves as the base for your candle. Put something decorative under the spout of the glass for an even more creative look!

10. Removable wall stickers

These are so much fun and can instantly add color and graphics to a space.

(New York-based Cathy Hobbs is an Emmy-winning television host and nationally recognized interior design and home staging expert with offices in New York, Boston and Washington, DC Contact her at info @ or visit their website at

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