Design of 15th Master Plan and Upper Town Development in Columbus, Ohio

In 2013, nonprofit redevelopment firms Campus Partners, MKSK, and senior university executives gathered on private and university grounds on the east side of High Street, across from the main Ohio State University campus surrounding the intersection. I imagined the future of the earth. 15th Street and Main Street..

The 15th & High Street Urban Master Plan was developed as a new vision of this ‘gateway’ to the university and surrounding areas, establishing a commitment from campus partners to improving the 15th and High District and improving the well- be from the community. Due to the future rezoning of the area.

The master plan established 6 block area design guidelines that meet both key urban design and economic feasibility considerations with the following objectives:

1) Promote a dynamic and versatile environment

2) Create a new community meeting space

3) Give priority to pedestrians

4) Reconnect the surrounding streets and

5) Solve all parking issues as part of a dynamic and vertically integrated multi-purpose campus development and university landmarks.

Through this planning work, MKSK will help create block and street layouts, analyze parking needs and vehicle / pedestrian traffic, and create design details for public squares, cityscapes and streetscapes. facades of buildings in new development areas. Did.

The plan proposed a more rational grid of neighborhood streets to improve traffic flow and provide a clearer line of sight from east of High Street to the university oval, then west. An iconic building that intersects the ellipse with the William Oxley Thompson Library as the west end and fixes the east end of the 15th Avenue axis. A multipurpose building that is actively used on the first floor. A high-quality, easy-to-navigate pedestrian environment with a new parking lot designed to enrich the pedestrian environment.

Master plans east (15th & High) and west (OSU Arts District) of High Street, developed by Campus Partners and The Ohio State University respectively. Rendered by MKSK.

Infrastructure to enable the first phase of construction through months of property acquisition and land swaps between campus partners and developers and landowners, and expansion of the University Quarter TIF area. An agreement has been reached with the city of Columbus on funding. At the end of 2016, it was possible to demolish the existing buildings and infrastructure.

Full development is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. According to the latest news from the university’s website, the 15 + HIGH project is 60% complete and there is Building A, which houses the school of entry to university, which is scheduled to open in May. ..

A view of the Pearl Array to the south.
A view of the Pearl Array to the south. Rendered by MKSK.

MKSK is part of an infrastructure team that supports urban design and landscape architecture of public spaces in development areas as part of a full team of engineering and design partners under RAMSA as an advisor in partner design of the campus. .. The conceptual approach to the redevelopment of 15th Street on High Street is a new plaza and gateway between the neighborhood and the university facing the OSU Arts District.

A view of the University Square to the south.
A view of the University Square to the south. Rendered by MKSK.

MKSK is leading the design and implementation of University Square, which serves as a physical and visual link between the University Quarter east of High Street and the entrance to the University Campus west of High Street. Other components of the 15 + HIGH development will house a reimagining of a pearl network, parking lot, WOSU production studio and university that will transform into a bustling pedestrian alley using bricks. recycled and recovered historic materials. Includes a new building. Academic office with commercial facilities (restaurants, bars, retail stores) on the ground floor.

When completed, the 16-acre dezoned development area will form the university’s vibrant and historic new gateway as a connection to the neighborhood, providing a variety of amenities in the vibrant new urban pedestrianized neighborhood.

MKSK Planning Urbanism Landscape architecture

MKSK Is a landscape architect for outdoor spaces featured in the Urban Living Tour 2021. There is a third floor courtyard by Nicholas, a pool deck with a dog run and the apartment outdoor area with Brooks Building facilities and Yard Club. .. These features are included in the Urban Living Tour booklet and are featured in the Columbia Underground. For more information, please visit:

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