Create the best brand marketing assets with one of these $ 9 design tools

In a crowded marketplace, good design can be the difference between standing out and blending in with the whole. Whether it is a well-designed product, advertising campaign, or just an engaging landing page, great design impacts consumers. Fortunately, you don’t have to overhaul your business or break the bank to get it when you get the services of one of these awesome design platforms from TwistedBrush Pro Studio.

Paint Studio 3 is a digital artist studio condensed into a simple, streamlined interface. It’s packed with features, so whether you prefer a simplified version for painting and drawing or a more complex version, Paint Studio has 140 specialty brushes for you.

Get Paint shop 3 for $ 8.99 ($ ​​29 reg.), a savings of 69%.

Pixel Studio 3 design app

Create pixel art for icons, sprites, and other small images with Pixel Studio’s 50 specialty brushes. Whether you need fun art to build a game or a website, Pixel Studio makes it easy to create.

Get Pixel Studio 3 for $ 8.99 ($ ​​29 reg.), a savings of 69%.

Luminance Studio 3 Design App

Luminance focuses on painting with luminance for natural media and design style artwork. With over 140 specialty brushes, Luminance Studio has earned 4.5 stars from Capterra, while Softpedia calls it “a generous painting toolkit, paper textures, and layer support.”

Get Luminance Studio 3 for $ 8.99 ($ ​​29 reg.), a savings of 69%.

Selfie Studio 3 Design App

Turn your selfies into works of art! This app offers 100 brushes, filters, mixers, etc. specialized in photo editing to help you personalize and beautify your selfies in minutes.

get Selfie Studio 3 for $ 8.99 ($ ​​29 reg.), a savings of 69%.

Tree Studio 3 Design Application

They may seem easy to draw, but the trees are surprisingly complex. With Tree Studio, you’ll be able to focus on creating 2D trees (for logos, maybe?) With a simpler and streamlined interface. It has pairs of brushes for each type of tree – one for the frame and one for the leaves.

Get Tree Studio 3 for $ 8.99 ($ ​​29 reg.), a savings of 69%.

Blob Studio 3 Design App

Blob Studio is a simplified, streamlined, and cost-effective authoring app that lets you model and shape objects and paint them with the included brushes. While this is primarily a tool for artists, it is an effective way to create mockups for products, advertisements, and more.

Get Blob Studio 3 for $ 8.99 ($ ​​29 reg.), a savings of 69%.

Liquid Studio 3 design app

Liquid Studio focuses on creating individual objects that you could use in other Pro Studio or other art software. With the included brushes, you can model and shape objects, then paint them with the included brushes.

Get Liquid Studio 3 for $ 8.99 ($ ​​29 reg.), a savings of 69%.

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