Costume store lives national shipping nightmare in Cape Coral

CAPE CORAL, Fla .– After 12 years in the werewolf and witch business, a costume store faces a new nightmare.

“We have placed orders left and right trying to make up for lost inventory that is out of stock, it just seems like that will never happen,” said Crissy Barchers.

Barchers is the owner of the costume shop, Red Headed Witches in Cape Coral and says it is a consequence of the global shipping crisis that was sparked by the pandemic.

She says orders take three times as long to ship, and when they arrive they sometimes go missing, sometimes by 50%.

Barchers says it’s something she could never have foreseen.

“So when you place your orders you have what they call a ship date, so you select your ship date and tell them. So even though we placed an order in March, we might have said to ship it on September 1, then by the time it arrives … that’s when you realize Woah, this is happening, ”Barchers said.

Despite the hardships, red-headed witches have been a part of the Cape Coral community for over a decade and their customers’ loyalty is evident.

“Just yesterday, for example, I had a mother with two boys, and both boys wanted something specific, they wanted something from the new Venom movie, which I don’t have and when I do. told the mother, at this point, that’s it. brand new things … that’s what we don’t get. So the mother just forced them to choose the shelf and by the time they left the two boys were happy and they had costumes, ”Barchers said.

Just weeks before the summer holidays, Barchers remains optimistic, telling Fox 4 that new items keep coming in every day.

The Red Headed Witches are located at 1910 Del Prado Blvd S, Cape Coral.

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