Common, EP ‘Last Dance’ Mike Tollin & Marshall Goldberg Team on ‘Justice, USA’ docuseries for OWN & Discovery + – Deadline

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and discovery + gave the series direct command for Justice, United States, a docu-series that provides a comprehensive 360-degree overview of the criminal justice system. The project comes from Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winner Humanitas Award finalist Marshall Goldberg. (Life goes on), Emmy-winning executive producer Mike Tollin (The last dance) and MSM, with Tamara Brown of Think Common Entertainment also executive producer. Justice, United States is scheduled to premiere in 2022 on discovery +.

“We knew from the start that Justice, United States is a series that must be produced and presented to viewers, ”said OWN President Tina Perry. What Mike, Common, Tamara and Marshall create is a compelling and shockingly honest documentary that lays bare the often ugly and unfortunate truth about the treatment of the most vulnerable by a complex and overburdened system that more than fails he did not succeed. “

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OWN will oversee the production of discovery +. Justice, United States is produced by MSM. Executive producers Common, Brown, Goldberg and Tollin. Randy Ferrell is the showrunner of the series.

“To do this series well, we needed unprecedented access to public defenders, prosecutors, prisons and the courts,” Goldberg said. “We found this in Nashville. Without any restrictions, the first season of Justice, United States will examine a system that has historically brutalized defendants, especially indigent defendants. “

“Everyone talks about criminal justice reform, but so few of us really know what’s going on in the justice system,” Tollin said. “We never see the hidden realities of a system where the average public defender deals with 500 crimes a year, where district attorneys determine the fate of defendants much more than judges or juries, and where excessive bail often destroys cases. lives and families. . “

“I am proud of this series because it takes an honest look at the criminal justice system and highlights its need for reform. One of the biggest problems with the justice system is its dehumanization of people. But we have the capacity to change that. I hope this documentary will bring visibility and change to the criminal justice system in the most humane way, ”said Common.

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