Close your email, put on some spandex and dance to this CHAI live set

The world is terrible, but the Japanese disco-punk group CHAI always has the most fun. Following on from their recent collaborations with Gorillaz, JPEGMafia and Duran Duran, the quartet released their third studio album “Wink” in May. If you haven’t caught up, it’s a good move. Think electro, slender R&B and punk filtered through a Basement Jaxx bass envelope and, indeed, a wink.

While we’d love nothing more than donning our finest and dancing in person to the stage choreography from CHAI, Morning Becomes Eclectic has the next best thing: a live performance and song commentary from CHAI, just for KCRW. .

Step into a neon jumpsuit floral fantasy, complete with group dance moves, live instruments, Madonna’s blanket, and enough plants to fill a greenhouse.

“The world as we know it has changed, but even with that, it’s still a world where nothing really changes,” says singer Mana. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was more ACTION rooted in happiness?” Be the change you want to see! I will be the pioneer seeing the world I want to see, meeting the people I want to meet! Why don’t you join us? “

Says singer Mana.

Let CHAI take you there.

List of sets:

“Maybe chocolate chips”
“Materialist girl”
“No one knows we’re having fun”

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