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With Bessie’s stormwater drainage improvements reaching 45% in design, residents of Windermere had another chance to consider what the project will entail.

City staff and Kimley-Horn representatives hosted a virtual public workshop on Tuesday, July 27 to update residents on the progress of the design phase.

Public Works Manager Tonya Elliott-Moore reminded residents that the existing dirt roads and widths will be maintained as well as possible, and that the width of the roads will not be affected by the project.

“The design will also limit the amount of right-of-way used to ensure that the appearance and appearance of the road and adjacent properties remain as they exist today and reflect as reasonably as possible what it will look like when the final design, ”said Elliott-Said Moore. “The design also incorporates the water pipes associated with the city’s drinking water master plan. It is more efficient and generally more cost effective – as well as less disturbing to residents – to do this work simultaneously. “

Elliott-Moore added that she and city engineer John Fitzgibbon met many affected residents at their property site and changed the design based on those conversations and feedback.

“We are reviewing a design that was built based on the contributions of those most directly affected while adhering to the best stormwater management and hydraulic engineering processes to not only reduce the impacts of storms, but also to help to protect our beautiful lake system, ”she said.

“We believe we have designed a solution that preserves the charm and character of the city while providing a solid engineered solution, meeting the requirements of the grant to improve our stormwater collection and treatment to protect our lakes. – John Fitzgibbon, municipal engineer

Fitzgibbon thanked the residents who were directly affected for their time, support and contribution throughout the process.

“We believe we have designed a solution that preserves the charm and character of the city while providing a solid engineering solution, meeting the requirements of the grant to improve our collection and treatment of storm water to protect our lakes,” Fitzgibbon said. .

The Bessie Project includes improvements to Ninth Avenue, East Boulevard, Eighth Avenue, Bessie Street, Oakdale Street, Magnolia Street and Third Avenue.

On Ninth Avenue, the plan is to continue to use and optimize the existing open channel system on the north side of the road. Victor Gallo, civil engineer at Kimley-Horn, said the same would be done on Oakdale Street.

“There is a lot of water that comes from Oakdale and contributes to where it is currently flowing by using the road as a means of transportation and therefore bringing sediment transport and erosion to an area of ​​Ninth just east of Oakdale, ”Gallo said. “We provide this transportation system, relieving and preventing the constant road erosion and build-up that is happening on Ninth right now. “

At Ninth Avenue and East Boulevard, engineers proposed a T-intersection configuration due to safety concerns with drivers coming into the bend. There would also be a bio-retention system on the right side of East Boulevard.

The existing retention pond on Eighth Avenue will be upgraded, and engineers will make some adjustments to the storm water system there to be able to send water there. On Bessie Street, the design plans call for a realignment of the road to move the project away from private property.

At the edge of the basin at Seventh Avenue, engineers plan to crown the road until the start of the curve. This would allow water flow to be channeled into the retention area before it becomes a problem and before it is released into Bessie Lake.

“We redirect the water, try to keep it as much as possible out of private property, try to keep it from tearing our dirt roads too much, redirecting it to gullies that capture it, and then we haul it and we ‘it treat so that it doesn’t have as much of an impact on our lakes, “said Elliott-Moore.” This is a general overview of everything they’ve tried to do under this plan. “

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