Chapel Lane Market will reopen on May 22

Operators at Chapel Lane market in Ennis have confirmed their intention to reopen on Saturday May 22 at 10 a.m.

Market artisans normally take a break in January and February to recharge their batteries after a busy festive season, but neither of us thought it would take that long to reopen!

What’s exciting is that this extended period of forced shutdown allowed our artisans to develop new ideas and try new products. We have new people joining the market who used Lockdown time to work on their hobbies and start a new small business out of it – one of these exhibitors will bring a new line of greeting cards based on photographs of local sights and flowers.

Some of our established exhibitors, Inna’s Pincushion and Wild Atlantic Silver have honed their skills. In the case of the goldsmith Lorna Langenkamp of Wild Atlantic Silver, she worked on setting semi-precious stones in silver to develop a range of earrings and necklaces of luminous beauty. Inna’s needlework is always of the highest quality, but she has developed new styles using different textures and mediums.

Damon Murphy joined Chapel Lane Market last summer after the first foreclosure allowed him to rediscover his love of wood turning and crafting. He will return in May with more of his amazing woodworking, and in recent months he has experimented with the use of colored regions combined with locally sourced wood in his designs.

With Chapel Lane Market, the driving force has always been to develop a creative and sustainable weekly market for local artisans in which to sell their handicrafts. Nothing that is bought or made en masse cannot be sold, which means visitors can always be sure to buy something unique and craft within a 30 mile radius of Ennis. Later in the summer, Chapel Lane Market plans to promote crafts to the public during the August craft month hosted by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.

Sallyann Marron, who along with Lorna Langenkamp is one of the organizers of the market, said: “Lockdown has really sparked an appreciation for the power and value of local purchases. We are all encouraged to continue to stay local and shop local. Chapel Lane is part of the Champion Green retail campaign to support local buying.

“Supporting local small businesses is so valuable as they have been severely affected by the ongoing lockdowns. We ask the people of Ennis and County Clare to continue supporting Chapel Lane Market by buying locally and supporting local artisans, and to come and take a look at the diverse range of beautiful products on display each week. And to spread the word to friends and family who visited the region during the summer! “

Local craft markets are of utmost importance to local artisans as they are a reliable way to meet local customers, who appreciate the opportunity to purchase unique gifts for themselves or for their friends and family.

Each week, merchants display an extraordinary array of different crafts and artistic styles, ranging from needlework, dressmaking, leather, crochet, mesh, pearl and silver jewelry, crafts from wood, molten glass, soap to photography.

Long-time merchants such as Wild Atlantic Silver, Bagamuffin Bags, Celtic Knitwear, Orinoco Fused Glass, Beechwood Leather and Sallyann’s Handmade Bags will be returning for their sixth year at Chapel Lane Market!

Many repeat visitors call to purchase special gifts for friends and family that they know are unique and therefore very meaningful to the recipient. Tourists love the emphasis on local handicrafts after being confronted with so many mass produced tourism products when traveling.

The designer and woodturner behind Joehan Woodcraft, Damon Murphy, said: “This long period of foreclosure since January has given me the chance to explore new ideas that I wanted to try using resin and wood, but so far I haven’t had time to try. and develop. I will now return to Chapel Lane Market with some exciting pieces including large tables as well as vases, all created in my studio here in Clare ”

Visitors to Chapel Lane Market love to meet the makers behind the crafts and learn about the history behind the products, many of which are made using either recycled or sustainable materials. They can also discuss what they are looking for, often leading to the creation of unique bespoke items.

Chapel Lane Market is open every Saturday (hopefully!) From now until Christmas from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and is located in the Community Center on Chapel Lane in Ennis, with an additional entrance from the parking lot from Moran.

Potential exhibitors are always welcome to contact [email protected] for more information.

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