Captain Marvel just received a new magical costume

Captain Marvel has just released a new costume with Doctor Strange, as his quest to learn magic takes him to surprising places.

Warning: spoilers for Captain marvel # 28 below!

Captain marvel quest to learn magic came up with a suitable spellbinding new costume. In the latest issue of Captain marvel Ongoing Marvel Comics series, Carol turns to Doctor Strange to help her learn magic so that she can use it to prevent a dark future from happening. Before he could start showing her the ropes, he was told to wear a new costume that would allow him to better fit in with his fellow spellcasters.

Carol is determined to learn magic after spending time in a dark future led by Ove, the Enchantress’ son, and Namor, the submarine. After seeing a future dystopian Marvel Universe and meeting the next generation of heroes, Carol returned to the main timeline after Ove also escaped to the present. Now, struck by Ove’s nightmares killing billions and the future she saw come to fruition, Captain Marvel asks Doctor Strange (after they log in) to teach her magic.

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In Captain marvel # 28 by Kelly Thompson, Jacopo Camagni, Espen Grundetjern and Clayton Cowles of VC, Carol arrives at Sanctum Santorum and asks for her help in teaching her magic. Strange isn’t interested in removing any of his only weaknesses (plus it would take decades to learn magic), but after hearing about Ove, he reluctantly agrees to help. Strange tells Captain Marvel that wherever they’re going she can’t wear her current costume because she’ll stick out like a sore thumb. To avoid standing out, Carol gets a makeover, which even impresses Doctor Strange.

Captain-Marvel-Doctor Strange

Captain Marvel jokingly calls his new costume “all dark and gloomy”, as Doctor Strange agrees that “it’s not bad.” Carol is particularly proud of the hood. Overall, the new costume is pretty fantastic. The red accents and the large cloak with the hood make her look right at home among other wizards in the Marvel Universe – even though she doesn’t know magic. Unfortunately, after visiting the No Doors bar and confronting Ove in her own memories, Carol seeks to find someone to teach her magic, which forces her to face Enchantress.

Carol’s quest to learn magic to prevent a dark future doesn’t look good – but if there’s a consolation prize, at least Captain Marvel looks good in his new costume. The design is relatively simple but beautifully crafted and really matches Carol’s personality. If Captain Marvel is learning magic, she has the perfect costume to use when casting spells. But, will someone teach him? It is to be determined. Captain marvel # 28 is in store now.

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