Call for applications: 2 landscaping and urban development projects, on new urban metabolisms

Call for applications: 2 landscaping and urban development projects, on new urban metabolisms

The Europan 16 theme focuses on living cities as a new paradigm, in which new types of synergies can be envisaged between the environmental, biological, social, economic, cultural and political dimensions.
This paradigm leads us to think in terms of co-evolution and interactions, and to work with regenerative project dynamics, combining metabolic and inclusive vitalities.
The Italian cities of Bitonto and San Donà Venezia are looking for ideas to implement a strategic urban revitalization project and intend to initiate an implementation process with the award-winning teams.

The site consists of the system of squares of Bitonto, Palombaio and Mariotto. The strength of the hamlets (7 and 11 km from the center) is their rural context and their position of access to the Alta Murgia Park. But there are also critical issues related to the isolation of the Bitonto center. It is necessary to activate a new development, based on alternative energy sources, on outdoor life and on local values ​​to be linked to the center of Bitonto. The naturalistic path, from Lama Balice towards Alta Murgia Park, using sections of Via Cela, represents the strategic site, a catalyst element for the activation of new functions for the natural environment, which will bring benefits to the hamlets at the level cultural, social and economic level.
The distance between the city and the hamlets will be reduced by the ability of the Europan project to create a dialogue between the values ​​of each urban pole in order to build a territorial value. The definition of the nature trail, under construction, from Lama Balice Park to Alta Murgia National Park, is an opportunity to generate new urban / territorial metabolisms.

The ATVO bus station, project site, in the historic city center is intended for transfer to the new Porta Nuova hub, under construction, approximately 1.2 km away.
It will be necessary to think of new functions and services taking into account its strategic position and its economic impact, for the commercial activities of the urban center until then consolidated according to current mobility flows.
Europan’s proposals should promote the strengthening of the urban center in relation to the development axis which crosses it and which links the Vittoria bridge along the Piave river, to the new intermodal hub of Porta Nuova. This path is marked by a few spaces in the regeneration phase. The site will be strategic to activate new metabolisms that include the city center, strengthen the dialogue with new polarities and promote generalized sociality and new forms of economy The identification of a process like that of Europan aims at participation and the involvement of all stakeholders interested in urban development to make the city attractive and dynamic. The opportunity offered by the competition site, promoted by the City of San Donà and ATVO, which have made a strategic area available to citizens, will be able to create new metabolisms in continuity with the new mobility hub and capable of s’ integrate into the Piave river axis, a real meeting point for communities and the history of the city.

  • Title

    Call for applications: 2 landscaping and urban development projects, on new urban metabolisms

  • Type

    Announcement of the competition (built projects and master plans)

  • Organizers

  • Submission deadline

    September 17, 2021 12:00

  • Location

    Bitonto and San Donà di Piave

  • Price

    100 euros

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