Boris Johnson pictured with a cast behind a bare-bottom monkey costume

Remember that sleep paralysis demon monkey? The one in the colors of the rainbow? With bare buttocks? And fake penis?

Of course you do. How could you not? Life is now divided into two distinct eras. BM – before the monkey – and AM – after the monkey. Our lives will never be the same after seeing this rainbow-colored NSFW primate. Never.

Anyway, Boris Johnson is now linked to the cast of actors who are now responsible because, why not?

In an investigation worthy of Pulitzer, The sun unearthed photos of the Prime Minister posing with animals from Mandinga Arts while he was mayor of London in 2008 and we’re sure it will become his press office’s top priority to shoot as a public outcry is sure to be pending.

Boris Johnson pictured at the Thames Festival launch in 2008

(Nils Jorgensen / Shutterstock)

In case you miss it, the Goodmayes Library in Redbridge, east London invited an actor dressed in a rainbow monkey costume with a fake penis and bare butt to the launch event of a healthy educational reading challenge for kids, and in doing so, created an absolute storm:

Local Labor MP Wes Streeting asked how “anyone involved – including your staff – thought a costume described by a national reporter – with depressing precision – as a ‘Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey” was appropriate for a family audience around of our libraries and our public domain, leave alone a festival to promote literacy among children.

And a city councilor lost his rag:

The library apologized, as did Mandinga Arts who, in a blog post on their website, said the costume had been “taken down.”

They said, “For nineteen years we have collaborated positively with local residents and public agencies to create colorful and festive characters and in this case, we were definitely wrong. Our lack of judgment in the choice of costume is one we deeply regret, having deeply undermined our relationship with partners and the public.

“In the future, we will hold ourselves to a higher standard when determining the suitability of a costume. Although the monkey was well received at carnival events with a mixed audience, it was absolutely unsuitable for a children’s event and should never have been used. The monkey costume has also been retired.

But it now appears that the influence of the troop has spread beyond east London and that a particular monkey in the group may be whispering in Westminster’s most powerful ear. We expect him to receive government contracts soon, or perhaps a seat in the House of Lords. (Not)

Either way, this monkey is now under more public scrutiny than half the cabinet, so it’s surely only a matter of time before Keir Starmer talks to PMQs about it.

This story is becoming more and more commonplace day by day.

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