Bonsai Design Submits Zipline Request in Las Colonias | Western Colorado

This fall, you may be able to fly over the Colorado River from Eagle Rim Park and land in Las Colonias on a zipline installed by local outdoor recreation company Bonsai Design.

Bonsai submitted an application for the new park feature earlier this month and is still working on the planning process with the city of Grand Junction, said Bonsai owner and CEO Thaddeus Shrader.

However, he said they couldn’t wait to get moving and expected the zipline to be ready in the fall.

“Right now everyone agrees that Bonsai wants to build it this summer,” Shrader said. “We will have it under construction this summer, and we hope it will be in use by the end of the summer.”

Once the company completes the planning process and begins construction, park visitors will likely see foundation work, but Shrader said much of the manufacturing for the project will occur off-site.

“We’re going to have a bunch of steel fabrication work taking place off-site,” Shrader said. “We’re going to create custom curved glulam beams for the arch structure we land in at the bottom of it. It’s going to be pretty amazing.

Shrader said once the parts are made, there will be some final assembly work before the public can try it out.

However, when the zipline is ready for people to take part in a unique hike, Shrader said.

“It’s going to be a pretty long flight,” Shrader said. “It’s over 1,000 feet long and you’ll fly over the Colorado River and the entrance to River Park, then Butterfly Lake. It will be interspersed with parks between each of them. Then you land right at the head of Butterfly Lake.

The zipline has been part of the Las Colonias plan for years as a feature of the park.

Bonsai is the main tenant of the Las Colonias business park and had promised to install the zip line.

“We had all been hoping it would happen a little faster, but just seeing the finish line is on the horizon now, it’s really, really exciting for me,” said Shrader.

Bonsai’s office building in Las Colonias Business Park has taken shape over the past six months, and Shrader said they have moved some of their staff to the building.

Shrader said he believes that with his building nearing completion and new projects like The Eddy, a development bordering the east side of the park, in the future the area will continue to come to life.

With the zipline advancing, Shrader said it was another piece of equipment that would bring people to Las Colonias Park.

“My vision, when I was authorized to design this thing and do the Butterfly Lake landscaping, was to provide a truly unique and inviting waterfront experience for residents and tourists of Grand Junction,” said Shrader.

“So being able to put the finishing touches on that is, for me, the fulfillment of a dream that took years to come true.

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